You Don't Know My Name(97)

By: Kristen Orlando

To my bad-ass readers Maureen, Ellen, Christina, Christie, Jeanie, Emma, Heidi, Shannon, Sara, Deanna, Jen, Kate, Todd, Kristyn, Nicki, Maria, Kelsey, Elise, Meghan, Billy, Krista, Gwen, Brandi, and Rhonda: Your thoughts and insights have been invaluable. This book would absolutely not be the same without you. To the Swoon Readers who championed my book, especially Kathy Berla: You guys are everything. To the amazing authors I’ve met along the way: I’m so thankful for your advice and friendship.

To Stephanie Paras: Thank you for your creative brain and lifelong friendship. To Christopher Barcelona: Thank you for being the person I could call on about the biggest news or smallest detail. To Mila Goodman, my go-to idea bouncer: I’m so lucky to have access to your brilliance. To Julia DeVillers, my Literary Fairy Godmother: Thank you for helping me navigate this world. To Jen Meredith: Thank you for your boundless encouragement, support, and friendship. To Hannah Hill: Thank you for believing in me. There’s no friend I’d rather celebrate every single life milestone with than you.

To my teachers, especially Dr. Leahy, Dr. Laycock, and P. F. Kluge: Thank you for the incredible foundation. You turned a flicker of passion for writing into an inferno. To my Resource family: From brainstorming marketing ideas to beta reading my book, I always feel your support. To my friends: I wouldn’t be the same person without you in my life. Let’s stay friends until we’re wrinkled and gray. To my family: Whether you provided me with detailed research (looking at you Uncle Terry and Brendan) or were there to celebrate good news, I’m forever grateful.

Katie, my constant supporter and friend. Thank you for reading a million versions of this book and for always cheering me on. Mom, thank you for being my biggest fan. You’re forever the bright spot in my life. Dad, thank you for reading basically every single word I’ve ever written. From middle school papers to this novel, it’s your opinion I always can’t wait to hear.

And finally, to Michael. I say it often, but here it is in black-and-white: You are truly the best husband a girl could ever ask for. There’s no one in the world I would rather spend my life with than you. Thank you for being the most supportive person in my life, for encouraging me to write this book, and for sitting by my side while I did. I love you.