You Have To Be Mine(The Possessive Billionaires Book 1)(8)

By: Heather C. Adams

She gasped, clenching her stomach. Bile slid back up her throat., “That guy, the one that attacked me…what if it’s him? You said my wallet was taken. He has my address.”

Casey shrugged, “Could be, or it could be your ex? I know you said you’re still having problems with him.”

Veronica nodded, agreeing that not only was she being tortured by her ex, but there might be some psycho out there that tried to mug her, failed, and tried to come back to finish the job!"

“There’s no way to know for sure right now, but you definitely can’t go back there. It’s not safe.”

Tears welled in her eyes, “I’m not that great, and I don’t have grand things. I don’t know why someone would want me.”

This can’t be happening! Don’t they have security?

“Wait! Don't you have security?" She repeated out loud. Her mind was racing. This was an assault on her life, and she wasn't sure she wanted to play victim to the knot building in her throat.

“We do, and we’re on it,” his eyes turned angry. He was angry for her. "In the meantime, you have to stay here. I can't have my star employee in danger." He passed a short smile, trying to make her feel at ease, and obviously himself.

Her hand reached her eyes, covering them with fury, "Oh my God, I can't tell my mom; she's already worried about the crime in the city." She couldn't hold back the tears anymore. They streamed down her face until the warm saltiness reached her lips.

“I have a guest bedroom you can move your things into and plenty of room as you can see.” His hands splayed around him, showing off his lavish space.

The offer was enticing, but she couldn't stay with her boss, could she? Her breath grew heavy, and she felt like she might faint.

I have nowhere else to go.

“And don’t worry, you won’t be alone. I’ll work from home this week.”

“What? You can’t do that. Your company needs you. You can’t put everything off for me.”

“I can and I will!” He snapped back.

Could she handle his lows and highs? She was still struggling to figure out exactly what his deal was with her anyways. But what could she do? She needed this job to stay independent, and she most likely wouldn't get this good of an opportunity anywhere else right now. She couldn't go to her mom's, it was too far of a commute, and she couldn't go home. Someone had it out for her. This would have to do.

Chapter 4

It was a pitiful sight to see Veronica like that. Her emotions were running so rampant he could taste them in the air. If he could catch the son of a bitch that was doing this to her, he'd make him pay! He already had his private investigator on her ex-husband. If that bastard was behind this, he would regret the day he ever met her!

He couldn't help the feeling of wanting to scoop her up in his arms and make sweet love to her until nothing but euphoria oozed from her pores, but he had to refrain himself. He was used to using a fuck to numb his emotions, but he couldn't do that to her. She was better than that. Instead, he bit his lip and dug his fingertips into the counter on either side of him and watched the beautiful mess before him go through feelings of complete loss, to gathering her strength and wiping her tears away.

Fuck she was beautiful even like this. His cock twitched in his jeans, and he had to shove his hand in his pocket to adjust himself as casually as possible.

He cleared his throat, "As I said, I'll work from home, so you're not alone, but I'll be in my office most of the day. You’ll have plenty of space to roam and plenty of things to do.”

Fuck he was turning into a lush. What the hell was wrong with him? He’d never had a woman crack the glass around his heart like this. Just the idea of the slightest harm or discomfort coming her way sent pins and needles through his extremities, making him flush with a fire in his belly.

This feeling had ignited the first time he saw her in his office for the interview, and hadn't dwindled once for the past six months. Everything he did, thought of, planned was consumed with how and if it affected her. She ruled his days. If she ate somewhere, he did. If she went somewhere, he did. He had to watch her, haunt her, care for her, and be there for anything she ever needed. He didn't understand this need in him that sparked once he laid eyes on her, but there was no going back now.