You Have To Be Mine(The Possessive Billionaires Book 1)(5)

By: Heather C. Adams

“Oh, I-“

"Shh" Casey held one finger up quickly, silencing her. "You were hurt on my watch. I'll never forgive myself for that."

His watch?

Was he talking about his business property? Was he worried I’d try to sue him?

"Thanks for coming by, doctor."

“Of course, Casey, you're only a house away, and I'm happy to help." The doctor patted him on the back.

"I'll let myself out." He smiled and waved, making his way through the door, and Casey followed him. This was her chance. She sat up quickly and threw her legs off the bed. They felt heavy and awkward. She started slipping one foot in, and the dizziness came.

“What in the hell are you doing?” His scolding voice rushed over to her, catching her as she started falling to the side. His large hands caught her head as she fell to the pillow. His other hand grabbed her shoulder and gently guided her back into bed.

"I should really get home, Mr. Devonshire. I don't want to lose my job, and I didn't mean to make anything hard for you."

"What in the world are you talking about? If anyone should be mad, it's you, not me!" he pulled the comforter back up over her.

"I can't stay here and not work; I don't want to jeopardize my job."

"If you want to keep your job at all, you will do as I say. I've been working you too hard, and on top of that, you almost got mugged somewhere. I should have been keeping you safe." His voice grumbled almost in disgust.

“I have to stay? To keep my job?”

Had she heard that right?

"Yes!" He insisted, "I'm done trying to convince you. If you want your job, you need to get better, and I don't want you home until I know that asshole is off the streets. You're no good to me working to half capacity anyways. We’re too busy for that.”

She nodded. She knew he was right. She’d been coming in early and staying late as possible for months, trying to make the best impression, and it was honestly wearing her out.

“I already grabbed your keys and got Curtis to go grab some of your things from your apartment.”

Her head started to swim again, making her feel a bit feverish, but it wasn't from the bump on the head this time.

“Rest,” His rough, strong hand brushed the hair away from her cheek. “I’ll go make you something to eat.”

He left the room swarming with electricity surrounding her throbbing body.

Calm down, Veronica.

The electricity filled her with lust and was heating her core. Her lips pursed together. Wait a minute! She couldn’t decide if she should still get up and run or stay. This man was so bossy. Who was he to tell her what to do and how to rest?

She was getting tired of being treated like one of his dogs, obeying his every command.

She may have been lackluster in her previous marriage, but her strength and independence were making a comeback. Sure, she needed her job, but she wasn't going to be in any relationship where she was barked orders at ever again!

Besides, she didn't have enough paid time off to pay for this week off he demanded of her. She'd get behind on her bills. Didn't he realize this? He was obviously a billionaire without a care in the world for money, but she didn't have that luxury!

All this fury was bringing a headache back. She leaned back on the large pillow, and her eyes started to close until a quiet knock came on the door.

Casey pushed the door open with the large wooden tray he was carrying. She adjusted herself, sitting up straighter. The ice rattled in the glass as he set the tray over her lap. It had a large glass of ice water, a ham and cheese sandwich, and a bowl of cantaloupe.

"I'm sorry I don't have better choices. I usually have my chef make dinner or order in." He seemed to blush. It was nice to see such an average meal amongst all this lavishness surrounding her. She was beginning to feel so out of place…until the sandwich.

“Eat. You need your strength.” He nudged the plate closer to her. “Take this too.” He plopped two ibuprofens in her open hand. She forced a smile and popped the pills in her mouth, swallowing with a big gulp of the water. He was so bossy, but he was right.

She picked a small square piece of cantaloupe and savored the juices as she chewed. Her money was usually tight, making her grocery orders bland, and she didn't get fruit that often. God, she had missed this taste.