You Have To Be Mine(The Possessive Billionaires Book 1)

By: Heather C. Adams

The Possessive Billionaire Series _ An Obse Story (The Possessive Billionaires Book 1)

Chapter 1

Casey leaned against the cement wall hiding in the shadow the corner cast, as he did every evening, waiting for her. Technically he could be mistaken for a grade-A stalker and shamed himself for it daily. He just couldn't help himself. He had to make sure Veronica got to her car safely after work every single day. His unhealthy obsession with her was growing by the minute. He couldn't pinpoint exactly why it was even there. She was definitely beautiful but being the CEO of Devonshire Developers gathered the company of many beautiful women. He didn't even have to try most of the time.

He didn't have time for a relationship, nor did he want to get too close to anyone. That would require opening himself up, and all that had ever done in the past was cause pain. Casey had a handful of like-minded women who were more than happy to use him for an amazing fuck just like he used them. It had been that way for years, but not since she had walked into his life. He couldn't even think about another woman.

What was she doing working so late anyway? Her schedule ended at 5 pm every day, so he could make sure she got to her car safely while still daylight, but she never complied. She was a hell of an executive assistant. Being his assistant was no light task, and she was the perfect overachiever to be at his side. She almost always stayed late. She never left that desk.

Oh, the things he thought about at that desk. He’d thought about bending her over it many times. She would surely be a fantastic lay, but he had too much respect for her to do that. Besides, he pretty much had her pegged as the type of woman that didn’t have casual sex, and he really didn’t want to complicate their working relationship, possibly losing her.

Still, he couldn’t get her out of his head.

Where the hell is she? It’s been almost ten minutes.

She never made him wait this long to see her off. She parked in the same spot every day; he made sure of it because he assigned it to her. It was on the third floor of the parking garage, just like his. Assigning her a well-lit spot still wasn't enough to keep her safe, though. She was way too careless in this city. Didn’t she know how much crime happened here daily? Even daylight wasn’t enough to stave off the criminals, and she was a prime target. She was always looking down at her phone, dressed sexy as hell, sexy to him at least. Her attire was actually pretty conservative, compared to some of the other women at his company, women he could have easily slept with if he wanted. It didn’t matter what Veronica wore, though; her ample curves were always busting at the seams of her fabric, begging for him to see.

Watching her the past six months had become as normal to him as brushing his teeth. He made sure never to be seen or heard. The only other person who knew how he guarded her was Curtis, his driver. He often had Curtis drive him by her place on the weekends to check on her.

There she is.

God, he could swear her sweet vanilla scent had drifted to him from the elevator as she exited the doors. His spot was a dark corner to the side of the elevator, where he could watch her exit the elevator and walk across the floor, and reach her car safely before he left in his. Curtis always waited with the car turned off to not be detected and scare Veronica. She may not quite understand his intentions if she caught him. In fact, he was pretty sure it would be considered criminal in most cases, but she needed looking after. The silly girl was clearly not used to looking after herself, and he knew this because she was freshly single. She disclosed that in the interview. She was in the middle of a divorce, and from the angst in her expression, biting her lip as she talked about it, he was sure it was a nasty one.


He cupped his cock as it throbbed in response to her ass in that tight black skirt. It wasn’t even short. It wasn't meant to show off her assets, but it did anyway. Her black pencil skirt swayed on her hips, and the baby blue silk button-up blouse that was tucked in the front generously shaped her cleavage. He bit back a groan, remembering how she wore that same skirt to the interview. Her big blue eyes captured him as her perky breasts bounced with every step towards his office. The long brown tendrils of hair blew in the wind of her gate, and that was the first time he smelled her sweet vanilla scent.