Wicked Needs (Wicked Bay Book 5)(8)

By: L.A. Cotton

“Okay, bring it in.”

We grabbed our water bottles and dropped to the floor around her. “Good practice. I think we’re looking more than ready. Don’t forget, we’re meeting at seven for Scarefest.”

A groan slipped from my lips and her eyes snapped to mine. “Problem, Macey?” She inclined her head, glaring at me, and I mumbled a quick, “No.”

“Good. I expect everyone to be there.”

Some of the girls lingered to talk plans with Caitlin, but I made my way straight to the locker room. Trina followed behind. “Macey, wait up.”

“What, Trina? I’m kind of in a rush.” I shouldered the door.

“I’m sorry about the other day. It was a bitch thing to say.”

“Yeah, it was.” I pulled my hair from its ponytail holder and grabbed my towel.

“Jeez, Mace, I’m trying to do the right thing here, but you’re not making it easy.”

“I never asked for an apology.” I met her crestfallen gaze, and her shoulders dropped.

“No, you didn’t. But I thought we were friends. You’ve always been closed off, but lately you’re, I don’t know... different.”

People thought they knew me. Macey Prince. Rich entitled daughter of Alec and Rebecca Prince. All they saw was the designer outfits, big house, and flashy cars. They didn’t see the girl underneath. A girl who had spent a lifetime not knowing whether someone wanted to be friends because they genuinely liked me or because they wanted to get close to Maverick, or my family, or because they wanted to be able to say they were friends with a Prince.

“Whatever, Trina, I need to get a shower.” I brushed past her, but she couldn’t just drop it.

“Be careful, Macey. You can only push people away for so long before they stay away.”

It was a warning. But what Trina didn’t realize was that was the plan—push everyone away until they couldn’t hurt me. Because being alone was better than being surrounded by people who only wanted to use you.

Wasn’t it?

Chapter 3

The walk down to the old Limer farm was brutal. Thankfully, we managed to talk Caitlin down when she suggested we all dress as sexy She-Devil’s, complete with sky-high red stilettos. Instead, we went solo, picking our own outfits. Kara was rocking a Harley Quinn ensemble while a couple of the other girls had gone for the more traditional look, dressing as a vampire, and ghost bride. Trina decided to make a statement with her zombie cheerleader outfit which much to Caitlin’s disgust featured an actual torn up Wreckers squad outfit. I’d settled for something more incognito.

“It’s like you don’t want anyone to know who you are,” Trina said as we made our way down the winding drive.

Since I could remember, the Limer family went all out at Halloween. It started with them decorating the porch of their farmhouse, but as the years passed, their efforts became increasingly outrageous until their eldest son, a guy a few years older than us, decided to turn their barn and the surrounding fields into an authentic spook fest. There had been a time it had been good fun, but now I wanted to be anywhere but here.

“Leave her alone, Trina. I think she looks hot.”

“Green looks good on you, Prince.” Caitlin glanced over her shoulder, smirking. But I let her passive aggressive compliment roll off my shoulders. The Poison Ivy costume was from a couple of years back. It wasn’t a fashion statement. The long red wig and green eye mask disguised me enough to survive the night. Even I barely recognized myself when I’d looked in the mirror before Kara picked me up.

“Holy shit,” someone exclaimed, and all eyes went to the Limer farmhouse. Trina was right, it knocked all other years out of the park. The whole place looked like something straight out of a horror movie. Fake spider webs hung from the wooden cladding. A Jeepers Creepers style monster hung from the balcony, and the windows were all dirtied up to make the place look abandoned.

“I’m so freaking excited.” Trina looped her arm through Kara’s as they moved ahead of me. “Everyone who’s anyone will be here. Maybe Lonnie can—”

“Do you really want to finish that sentence, Trin?”