Vampire Silver:A Secret Guardians Novel

By: H.T. Night

A Secret Guardians Novel


To my mother. The greatest person I know.

Vampire Silver


It had all happened in a matter of seconds, that moment at which the battle between the Vampire Iscariot and I had been held in the balance. At that time, I hadn’t known what his reasons were for his relentless and violent pursuit of the thirty pieces of silver, but I did know it was a good idea to keep him away from his goal until we were sure of those reasons.

For now, I was sitting at the desk in my library, safe and sound at home on Helena; for now. I’d decided a little while back to journal all my adventures as a Vampire Superhero and this last one was no exception. My recollection had been excellent; the stuff of fantasy novels, as Sion had so eloquently put it. I was more focused on ensuring its accuracy than its entertainment value. However, this time had been a little different because as I wrote, I found that several aspects became incredibly clear.


As I said, this all happened in a matter of seconds, although now I can recall it in the greatest of detail. But at the time, I’d acted purely on instinct and at that time, Sion was still more important to me than the box or the coin. He was gravely injured; brutally stabbed in the neck by the vicious vampire. I scooped him up in my arms and flew with him, still in our Mani forms, back to Rome. It was about two in the morning and most of the above-ground street markets were deserted, so it was fairly easy to get Sion to the underground entrance.

Down we went. Sion was still weak, and leaned heavily on me as I carried him straight to Damiani’s house. When he opened his door and saw Sion’s condition, he rushed us in and laid Sion on the couch.

“What happened?” he asked, genuinely concerned.

“That bastard attacked him without warning.”

“Did he not take the bargain you proposed?” Damiani was getting a bowl of water and a washcloth to clean Sion’s wound. He sat next to Sion and started to gently wipe away the drying blood.

“He agreed,” I answered. “I should have known better than to take him for his word.”


“It took a lot of convincing, but I finally got him to agree to one last fight, but only if he would agree to my one condition. We need to fight in Jerusalem.”

“Yes, yes, we discussed all that,” Damiani said impatiently. “But it is not Jerusalem where this fight will take place.”

“I’m confused,” I said. “But I’m sure it will be clear later.”

He nodded curtly. “Now, tell me what happened next,” Damiani demanded.

“Well, as soon as I told him the condition, he attacked me. And we fought. We were out in the hills you told us about. We fought like gods. I had the better of him, and then he disappeared. I thought he was growing tired. Then, out of nowhere, he came back and attacked Sion without warning.”

Sion, who had been pretty out of it, was starting to come around. He looked up at Damiani, then at me, and tried to sit up. Damiani put a hand on his chest, pushing him back down on the couch. “You need to rest, my friend,” Damiani said quietly but firmly.

“He’s right,” I said.

“Sion touched his neck, where he had been stabbed, and said, “You healed, me, Josiah!”

I nodded as I look at my dear friend, Sion. I tried to hide my emotions—losing Sion, one of my best friends in the world—I just couldn’t fathom that. “You didn’t think I’d let you leave this world, did you?”

Sion looked at me with those big brown eyes and a whole lot of gratitude. “Thank you, Josiah.”

“You’re quite welcome,” I answered, smiling now. “But it was a fatal wound, almost anyway, and you do need to rest a while.”

Damiani stood up. “I didn’t think I would so soon, but it’s time to open another bottle of the good stuff.” He crossed over to a closet and came back with a bottle. He opened it, poured a glass for Sion and held the glass to Sion’s lips. “This will do you good,” he said.

Sion drank, and he did look a little better, although he remained lying down. “But… what happened? What happened after he…” Sion touched his neck again, this time remembering the old vampire’s almost lethal knife entering his neck.