Undisclosed Desire_ The Tycoon's Heart(76)

By: Falon Gold

Okay, I drooled every time I passed by it in Utah for a month. That still doesn’t mean I wanted it.

It doesn’t hurt that Sienna’s very sweet-natured either, so I’m always glad to see her. Maybe she’ll tell me her secret to getting Apollo to accept no at least sometimes.

I grin and sweep her waist-length brunette hair with strands of gray weaving in and out of her bone-straight locks behind her back. “I couldn’t leave my future favorite mother-in-law standing on the porch, waiting for someone to get here, Apollo. That is not the way to start out the rest of our lives as extended family.”

“She’s your only future mother-in-law, my Lisa, and the only one you’re going to get if I have my way,” he responds dryly, while waiting for his hug.

Sienna giggles before releasing me to circle her son’s waist. She’ll never reach his neck. “I wouldn’t have minded, Malisa. You really should be resting.”

The back door opens, again.

“God, Sienna, you sound like your son,” I complain.

She laughs.

“She’s right, baby girl,” my mother pipes up before crossing the threshold between the kitchen and the living room.

I sigh. “And you sound like Sienna, mama. Three against one. Don’t you all feel good about picking on a pregnant woman?”

Uncle Tommy snickers behind Lydia, before stepping around her. “Be fair, Malisa. You have them outnumbered. The load in front of you count as at least six… maybe seven people. That’s a big stomach, woman.”

“Shut up, Tommy,” my father says out of nowhere, before stepping up on the front porch then through the opened door.

“You count as eight by your damn self, Frank,” Uncle Tommy responds.

My father shakes his head. “Shut… up… Tommy. Go sit down, baby girl.”

“Daddy!” He’s supposed to be on my side.

My mother giggles. “Finally, you’re of some use with these kids, Frank.”

He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her into his side. “As long as she’s pregnant, Lydia, you got my support… but you’re on your own again when she gives birth.”

She snorts and shakes her head. “Nobody’s perfect.”

Blake walks through the opened front door. “I got your back, Mama O. Go sit, Lisa Poo. You look unstable… seriously.”

“Fine. You all want me to sit? Go bring the helium tank and a balloon.”

Apollo groans. “Not this again. Baby, please. That thing is dangerous and can tip over on you.” He walks behind me, and has no trouble circling my waist with his long arms.

I lean back into his chest then twist to look up at him. “Helium tank and a balloon are all I’m asking for. You can even hold the tank if you want to.”

“I got handcuffs if you need them, Apollo,” Blake adds. “We’ll attach her to the chair one way or the other.”

“Ew, Blake!” Natalia squeals from somewhere in the house, and Luke Jr. mimics her in his adorable toddler tone. “There’s no telling who all you’ve attached those things to!”

“That’s not going to work anyway,” Uncle Luke says, after appearing out of nowhere. “My chair doesn’t have metal rings and I better not find your cuffs attached to nothing and no one in here, Blake. Why are you all standing around anyway? There’s work to be done. Malisa, you really need to sit down, honey. I’ve never seen a belly that big… ever.”

“Aw hell,” Uncle Tommy starts, “The bear is grumpy. Time to go until he’s had his porridge. I’ll warn my sisters and Derek when I get back to the gardens to stay away from the house and head the rest of the guests off at the driveway.” He turns and leaves the way he came.

The room fills with laughter, just as he intended. I realized for the umpteenth time how much I’ve missed making these memories with my family. Having Apollo, and soon our own family, to share them with just makes them that much more precious. Now, if I can just get Blake married off.

The End.