Underboss Raphael (Cosa Nostra #2)

By: Harley McRide


Before you all read this, I want you to know this was the hardest book I have ever written. Mostly because I am saying goodbye to a chapter in my life that has caused me such pain and anger, it has taken me this long to actually deal with it.

The Savages are in the past, there will be no more mention of them in any of the Ops Warrior books. While I have thought really long and hard about this, I had to do it this way, in order for ME to be able to move on. This is my ending of a chapter of my life I don’t want to ever go through again.


“On a scale of one to ten, how pissed would you be if I killed Raph?” Carmi snapped into the phone to her boss and best friend Bella. She was the new Boss of the Tomasi Family, which Carmella Maria Antonia Louisa Grapa, was now the Underboss for. Carmi never dreamed she would actually live long enough to be appointed to this job. Why? Because she was one of the few women in a ‘Family’ with the position as important as an Underboss, which meant she was a stone-cold killer who had a reputation for being a heartless bitch. Who didn’t want to kill her? The rivals, hated her. Bella Tomasi, her Boss and best friend, had been another one people hated, mostly because if she didn’t know you, she was a bitch as well, which was why they got along so well. But when she was growing up, Carmi didn’t have aspirations like normal children. She was the only daughter of the Underboss of the Tomasi family.

Carmi would have been happy even if she was a foot soldier, and right now, she would be happy if she were demoted back as well. All because of one man, the bane of her existence. A few months ago, her boss, Bella Tomasi, and Ricco Di’Midea had gotten together and made one of the most powerful Italian families in the United States, which had been a momentous occasion, and a dangerous one. A club called the Black Hearts had attacked Ricco’s house where they had all been staying while there was a threat. It had been ugly, and some people had died, but it showed all of them what their future was going to be like. Being on the top of the pile only made people want to knock you off. They all needed to be prepared, and it was a rude awakening for them all. Not that it bothered Carmi all that much. It only meant she was going to need more bullets.

The problem was everyone wanted what the Tomasi and Acciai family had, that wasn’t going to end. The latest battle was all over a mine, a fricking mine Ricco’s boss, Mr. Acciai, had bought from the Ops Warriors, a motorcycle club his daughter belonged to. It would have been like any other transaction if it hadn’t been for the other club who wanted the mine. So, after the dust had cleared, Carmi and Raph had been sent to the small town to find out exactly what was going on. What they found was disturbing. The whole town lived in fear of this biker club who at one time had been very much accepted into this town. But something changed, the bikers now threatened, destroyed, and created mayhem for months for reasons unknown. Apparently the Warriors had tried to talk to them, but it hadn’t worked. Ricco and Bella didn’t give a shit about the club, they were worried about the mine and making sure their investment was safe. So they sent Carmi and Raph to clean it up. A job neither of them thought was going to be difficult. Instead, they landed themselves in the middle of a war. One they wanted no part of, but would to keep their assets safe.

“What did he do now?” Bella sighed in her ear. Well, Carmi may have called more than one time to bitch about what Raph was doing. Okay, more like ten times since the night Carmi had lost her mind and slept with Raph. Bella had tried to coax out of her what had happened, but so far, Carmi hadn’t shared her colossal mistake.

“He fucking signed up for a damn death match. Literally, a death match. The Black Hearts have taken over the old club, who had once been close to the Warriors, territory and unfortunately they had created an alliance, one the Black Hearts were in charge of. The Black Hearts now run the underground fighting ring, and trust me when I say, it is brutal. We bought our way into one of the fights; Bells, those assholes are trained to fight like that. It is dirty and hard, the crowd who goes there, places bets on first blood. Normally, I may have enjoyed a fight like that, but seriously, even I could barely stomach some of the shit that went on there. And now Raph had signed up for the first ever death match the club will be having, and yeah, death match means to the death. They said they would have a doctor standing by to call the death of one of the participants. Hell, that isn’t even the worst part, no, the worst part, the fight Raph signed up for, is with one of the old Warriors. Apparently some sense of doing what was right seeped into his little brain, and made him sign up. I mean, who does that? Did the dumbshit forget who we were for a second? So we have to call Mr. Acciai and ask him what he wants us to do. This guy is not like the others who are trained to fight. He stuck us right in the middle of an MC war, the dumbshit,” Carmi growled.