Uncaged Love The Boxed Set #1-5(148)

By: JJ Knight

The pilot points to the helicopter hovering next to us. Their door opens, and an Elvis with a backpack parachute leans out and waves, light spilling on him from inside the cabin.

Oh my God. It’s the flying Elvises.

The pilot nods at something I can’t hear. He can obviously get other channels. “We’re going to set down,” he says.

The helicopter churns up a crazy amount of dust. It’s like we’re inside a sandstorm. When it settles enough to see, both helicopters blasting their lights, I spot a Elvis after Elvis unloading from the other, bigger chopper.

“What in the world?” I say as I pull off the headset. Are we being hijacked by The King?

I open the door and I can hear them again. They haven’t stopped singing and are on the second verse.

They form two lines from my helicopter to the other. That’s when I see Zero, playing it up to the nines, arms in the air, belting out the words and heading for me.

What is he doing?

But he steps into the line as well, and my heart speeds up when I see Colt. He steps down from the other helicopter.

He’s followed me? By helicopter?

My chest tightens. What a crazy thing to do!

He holds out his hands. I hesitate, but meet him halfway. The Elvises finish out their chorus and the desert falls quiet as an empty arena.

“I found a ride for us,” Zero says. “We weren’t going to let you get away.” He points to Colt. “I found him wandering like a lost soul by the helicopters.” He nods at him. “You’re on.”

Colt takes my hands and pulls me into him. “I said the wrong thing,” he says.

I nod against his chest. “You did. But I am the wrong thing.”

He pulls back to look at me, his brown-green eyes searching mine. “Are you kidding? Did we really go through everything just to break up at the end?”

I shake my head. “But your father.”

“Is an idiot,” he says. “Look at us. You can go viral on Twitter just by trying on a dress. He can shut up about it.”

He pulls me in. “You looked beautiful in it by the way.”

“The sausage dress? With its guts exploding to the floor?”

He laughs. “Well, when you put it that way…”

“I bought a different one,” I say.

“Really? Do I get to see it?” His voice is calmer now. He knows he’s won.

“Not until the big day,” I say. “Maybe something smaller? Maybe in my mother’s house in Hawaii?”

“Sounds perfect,” he says. “That’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

When he kisses me, Zero lets out a little squeal. “Come on Elvises,” he says. “You’ve got to have a song for this.”

They must have had some hand signal, or else this was straight from the Elvis handbook, because without anybody saying anything, they all start in on the opening lines to “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”