Uncaged Love The Boxed Set #1-5(146)

By: JJ Knight

I can’t keep quiet, and low, panting moans come from my throat as his finger circles me, making my body tense with the need for release. He pulls the panties down, exposing me to his mouth and tongue.

He spears me and I cry out. He knows me, what takes me over, and I can barely register each move as I spiral up fast. One hand reaches beneath me to squeeze and lift me into him, and I rock my hips to the pace that he sets, my muscles clenching. I’m so ready. So high. So full of need.

He sucks on the nub, hard, and that does it. Everything splinters out and the waves of the orgasm crash over me. I’m lost, everything flying outward, the stress and the doubt and the desire for Colt to help me through this. It all mixes together in this moment, pain and pleasure, uncertainty and security.

I settle into the leather as he gentles his movements, bringing me down slowly. I realize I have my fists in his hair and relax my fingers. He kisses his way up my belly and nibbles along my ribs.

“That was exquisite,” he says. “I think the more stressed you are, the harder you come.”

I let my arm fall across my eyes. He’s probably right about that.

I hear the jingle of metal as he eases his jeans farther down. “You up for more?” he asks.

“I’m always up for more,” I tell him.

He laughs a little, and with a growl, neatly flips me over on my belly.

I brace myself on my elbows as he thrusts himself inside me from behind.

God, I’m already tensing up again as he holds my hips and works a steady, forceful rhythm. I notice the movements of the car now, rumbling over the highway. I brace my forehead on the seat and work with him, rocking into him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

His hand comes down and find that nub again and he’s got me, I’m spiraling back into it. I forget everything but the motion of his fingers and the feel of his body moving against mine.

Colt stills and as he flows into me, I let go again, shuddering into another flash of orgasm, drawing him in. He groans and holds me tight, his chest against my back.

We stay that way a little while, moving only with the shifting of the car, until we feel the driver slow down and turn, heading back toward Vegas.

I look up and out the deeply tinted windows. The empty desert surrounds us on the lonely highway. There is no one anywhere. I turn my head and Colt leans down to kiss me.

What a crazy, crazy man I’ve found.

Six: The Match and the Real Fight

We arrive back at the MGM Grand just in time for the second match to start. Colt hopes we can sneak in unnoticed, but when we make our way down the steps to sit in the pair of seats reserved for him, the crowd goes wild.

Power Play is in the ring, waiting for the ref to start the round. His head pops up, and he checks the JumboTron. We’re on the screen. He turns and waves at Colt.

I fake a smile since we’re live on pay-per-view. Colt punches at the camera and the crowd goes crazy again.

He loves this stuff.

I have such a hard time with it.

The round begins and Power Play is pretty evenly matched with his opponent, an older fighter who goes by Greyhound. I forget all about the screen and the crowd as I watch their moves, thinking about the skills of my fighter girls and what new combinations they can try in their own matches.

The round ends and both guys look pretty bashed up. “Tough one,” I say to Colt and he nods.

The announcer comes out to stir up the crowd. Everyone starts laughing as he points to the screen. Colt and I are on it again, this time with a cartoon wedding dress and tiara superimposed on me. Colt has a bow tie under his chin.

“Silly cut ups,” Colt says and waves.

“It’s fine,” I say. Really, that is no big deal, although I wish the cameras would focus on someone else.

But then the image cuts away to the picture of me at the bridal salon in the sausage dress. It’s animated so that the dress gets fatter and fatter, bloating out.

And I snap.

“I can’t do this,” I say and jump from my seat.

“Jo, sit the hell down.” He grabs my hand. “This is what you signed up for.”

I can’t believe he just said that to me. I jerk my arm away. “I did not.”

“We have to play the part,” he insists. His voice low. “Now sit down.”

My head wants to explode. Where is this coming from?

“You sound just like your father!” I yell. I jerk the engagement ring off my finger and throw it at him. “Go marry someone he approves of!”

The crowd is a blur as I run up the stairs, grateful for how in shape I am. Before anyone can follow me, I’m through the lobby and back out into the Vegas night.

Only when the MGM Grand is far behind me do I slow down. I’m wrong for Colt. Wrong for this scene. I have a good life on my own. I have girls to train, their careers to build. I don’t have to be this publicity puppet.

I stumble along the Strip, bumping into drunk tourists and people hurrying to get into the shows. The neon flashes from every direction. The city is lit from within as the sun sets to the west.

I pass the same stupid wedding chapel I saw earlier that day. Elvis is just walking out with some happy couple, singing, “Love Me Tender.”