Unbroken Fates(7)

By: GM Scherbert

A few short hours later and Shannon is gone and the stark new reality of my life is like a slap in the face. The girls stay home from school and we cry together for hours. As people come and go from the house Shannon’s dad comes over as well as my mom. We are trying to comfort each other and get through this dark time together.

The next weeks go by in a blur. The wake and funeral are attended by many family and friends, as well as lots of students from the present and past. As the days go on everyone slowly starts to get back to their lives, but I am left alone: without the other half of my soul, without a partner in life, without a father for my children, and without a husband to share it all with.

Throughout the story, not sure if you noticed, there were no uses of the pronouns he or she- well at least when speaking about the two main characters~

Shannon and Alexandra- this was done on purpose to build on most people stereotypes or misconceptions that breast cancer is a female thing. This story was written with that in mind and the twist of Shannon not being the wife but the husband has rocked more than a few people.

~Cancer fucking sucks and has affected more people that I love than I care to think about most days.

I lost my dad after only a six-week battle with Pancreatic Cancer too young and too quickly for my heart to take~

Unbroken Fates

By: GM Scherbert


Being a single mom is nothing that I would have ever thought would happen to me, yet here I am raising three teenage girls by myself. Little time to myself, let alone to meet someone else. After, all the years I spent with Shannon, I am not sure that I want to.

When Nicholas comes into my life, it is like a freight train hits me. He is all consuming and it is something that I never want to end.

When I find out who he really is, I will never be the same.

I cannot be with him once I know.

No matter how much he has made his way into my pants, my life, my heart.


I have wanted her for as long as I can remember. When I see her across the bar from me that night I knew I had to have her. I wasted no time in taking what I wanted, and had her underneath me that very night.

For a while I am truly and utterly happy. Being with her is something that I have never experienced before. I don’t want it to end.

When she finds out who I am, everything changes. She won’t be with me. She is afraid and scared.

She doesn’t understand this is what I have wanted since I was old enough to know what my dick should be used for.

She will be mine.

Chapter 1


It’s been a few years since Shannon died and each day I think about him still. I don’t cry near as much as I used to, but the tears still flow, and I still miss him almost as much as ever. Only within the last three or four months have I even started to head out with girlfriends, knowing that life goes on, even if my husband did not.

Being a single mom is nothing that I would have ever thought would happen to me, yet here I am raising three teenage girls by myself. The girls started to get back into a normal routine and within six months of their fathers passing they had finally fallen back into it completely. Audrey who is now in her senior year of high school is really looking forward to going to college next year. Getting away from Zion as quickly as she can. Andrea who is fifteen and in her freshman year, looking forward to getting her temps in only two short months. Then there is Annabelle, thirteen going on thirty if there ever was one. She is putting me through the ringer at every turn, never stopping herself from questioning each and every one of my decisions.

Margaret, Melissa, Ivette, and I have been friends for the majority of the time that I have lived in Zion. They are dragging me out with them for the first time since Shannon’s death. Not that they haven’t tried, because they sure as hell have, but because I couldn’t come up with an excuse quick enough to escape this torture, here I am, stuck. Ivette needs grown up time away from her nephew and niece that she is raising alone. Margaret needs a night away from her ball and chain, so that she can listen to something other than, as she puts it, him complain about all the shit their sons are into. Melissa on the other hand, as always, is the ring leader in this. She is single and has no problem heading out most nights of the weekend, fuck that the whole week, to find some fun. Even when the girls were young I always looked forward to seeing Melissa and hearing her stories from her previous escapades.