Unbroken Fates(5)

By: GM Scherbert

Chapter 7


Walking into the house we are surprised to see half of our family and friends are already there. As we sit around recalling the last month of travels slowly the rest of our family and friends arrive. We repeat the stories again and again before the house is full to the brim with those that we love. Putting out the plates we make sure that everyone takes their fill in food as we start to dig into the amazing home cooked food that has been arriving throughout the night.

Margaret and her husband Peter are last to arrive. We have known them for many years, actually the whole time we have been in Zion, all sixteen years. They have two boys that are older than our girls, Nick has to be twenty-four and Joshua has to be around twenty. Both of their boys are in the military and we have not seen them for years. Margaret and Peter have been enjoying not having kids in the house these last few years by traveling and involving themselves in lots and lots of social engagements. We have slowly grown apart over the years since the boys have moved out of the house, but when trouble comes you can always count on your close friends and family to stand by you.

The remainder of this evening along with the next two nights that we are in Zion, are meet with much of the same. Lots of friends and family stopping by and appointments with lawyers and insurance brokers fill our days and nights before we take off again on our way West on Sunday morning.

The girls have really found some great stops for us on this trip west. I am sure that we will go to Mount Rushmore, but Andrea has found a place that she has not been able to stop talking about, The Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota. I am not sure what caught her eye about this place but she is really excited about getting there. It is a short nine-hour drive from Chicago and we will stay at least one night to be able to explore this place that she has found.

Leaving the Corn Palace two days later, I am awed by what it was that we just visited. I will not dwell on it now as we make our way towards Mt. Rushmore. None of us have ever visited it before and we all are awed by the majesty of it when it finally comes into view. Spending only two days, the first of which we spend at Mount Rushmore and the next exploring the Black Hills we continue on our way.

We travel for another three days until we reach Seattle. Shannon takes the last leg of the trip driving as we pull into Seattle later that evening. We get to the hotel that we have booked for a week and start to map out some of the things that both us and the girls would like to do while we are here. On our list of things we have included Pikes Place, the Space Needle, and visiting Starbucks. I’m sure there is a lot more to see, but those were some of the top choices that we wanted to make sure we got to see.

Leaving Seattle, a week later we start our journey south and try to drive by the coastline as much as possible on our way to California. As we are leaving Seattle I notice that Shannon is slower to get moving and is having more pain than what we are being led to believe. After the first night as we make our way further towards San Diego I pull over in Sacramento early morning and we decide that Shannon will take a flight home as soon as possible.

Making plans for Shannon to get on a plane immediately, I contact our family and have someone at the airport when the plane lands later today. Letting airport personal know what is going on I have also contacted the doctors scheduling a doctor’s appointment for Shannon early tomorrow morning. The girls and I set a route for home as soon as the plane takes off and we plan to be there in a long three days.

Chapter 8


It was a rough plane ride home to say the least. My dad came to get me at the airport and we headed straight to the hospital that the Doctor’s had told me to go to when I got home. It was rather a quick process from checking in to getting a room, they must have been told that I was coming.

When the first doctor shows up they tell me that I have taken a turn for the worse and should think about having home hospice or looking into staying at a hospice until the end. The care coordinator comes to my room and tells me that my insurance paperwork is all in order and whichever I decide will be set up quickly. When Alex and I had talked about this we had decided that I would stay at home for as long as possible, so I let the care coordinator knew that. She puts me in touch with two different agencies and they send someone over the next day to discuss the different options with me.