Unbroken Fates(10)

By: GM Scherbert

“No worries, Ma’am. That kid over there bought these for you. Actually he said to catch your drinks for the remainder of the evening. So drink up!”

“Wait, what kid are you talking about?” is all I say as I look across the bar to where she has just pointed. There is a group of five guys across the bar each one hotter than the last. Only one raises his glass as I glance towards them, well over six feet, long dark hair, and built. I am sure that my face has just lit up, when his smiles reaches his eyes as I mouth my thanks and down my shot quickly before turning back towards the girls.

As I move away from the bar I start to hear a slow song play, and see Missy and Ivette heading off of the floor. I don’t even reach the table to set my drink down when I am stopped with a hand on my arm and a gruff voice at my ear. “Excuse me.”

Turning around I am caught in the deepest brown eyes that I have ever seen. A shudder runs up my spine as he goes and I find myself lost, “Let’s dance” is all I understand as my drink is taken out of my hand and put on the table, while my other hand is tucked into his arm, I am lead to the dance floor. Passing Ivette and Missy on the way there mouths drop seeing this man walking me towards the slowly swaying couples.

“Alex, you go girl.” Is screeched out from behind me.

Pulling me into his body as we reach the dance floor, I smell him and moan as the scent of him filters into my brain. His black shirt feels soft against my check and the muscles underneath only prove to deepen my desire. As his tattooed arms wrap tightly around me, his hands stop shy of my ass, but as we dance I can feel his fingertips lightly tracing the upper curve of my ass.

He has to have at least four inches on me in these heels. How fucking tall is this guy? I am by no means a small or petite woman, I think the smallest size I have been in my adult life was probably a fourteen and that was only after Shannon’s death. I am still struggling to fit into those clothes, this man however, makes me feel small.

We move around the dance floor with no cares as the music continues to engulf us. This kid knows how to fucking dance, I wonder if he is this good at slow dancing how his body would move to a faster song. Picturing him dancing more just leads me to picturing him fucking and I let out a small breath as I look up meeting his eyes and the wide grin again spreading across his face, like he knows what I was thinking.

As we continue to sway to the music we are caught in each other’s gaze, not able to look away. Leaning down to me, I feel his hot breath on my face and the only thought I have, is those lips on mine. Instead, he moves to the side and his lips make contact with my neck.

“Let’s go out back and cool off, Alexandra” his voice is heavy with lust and I tingle at him using my name. Deciding that at this moment, I would follow him blindly, no matter where he would lead me, I nod my head.

Running his right hand across my lower back, he squeezes my right hip as we start walking towards the exit. He uses his other hand to make sure that the crowd parts for us as we move through them. His strides don’t slow as we come up to the door. The bouncer gives us a nod and opens the door.

The brisk air does nothing to put out the flame that is burning between us. As we walk around the side of the building I find myself being pushed up against the wall only moments before his mouth connects with mine. His hands slide over my body and a moan is caught between us. Deepening the kiss, he takes control of it and me in that moment. I find myself lost to him and it is not until I hear the doors of the club open, when the music reaches my ears, I am brought back to the here and now with a jolt.

Trying to pull away from him, I find myself being pushed back into the wall, his whole body on mine. As I pull my head back, my skull cracks into the brick wall and a cry escapes my mouth.

Chapter 4


When I saw Mrs. Huber- no fuck that- Alexandra across the bar from us, I knew this night was going to be good, better than good, fucking great. Checking out the girls on the dance floor never does it for me, and as soon as my eyes slide up her body, the body that has haunted me for so long, I was done for. She is the woman that I have thought about since I was old enough to figure out what my dick should really be used for. Although, I haven’t seen her in fuck, probably six or eight years, I would know that body, that ass, those eyes anywhere. They are the same as those that got me through basic and then multiple tours. I suddenly am very glad that my mom decided to stay back from her night out with these women, her friends.