Unbroken Fates

By: GM Scherbert


I would like to give thanks to all those people that have helped make this book possible. From my pimpers (Whynter, Nicole, Vicky, and as always my lovely PA Amanda), my dirty girls, my gagged up homies who spread the word as well as they spread other parts of their bodies, my holler back girls, you know I love you all.

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Shannon’s Silence

~Shannon’s Silence was first released as part of the anthology Fuck Cancer- A benefit for Elaine Holcomb~

By: GM Scherbert

Chapter 1 - Alex

When we were married Shannon and I were so in love, I can’t believe we still are after all these years. Three daughters later and we are going just as strong as we were back then. Working as teachers in Zion, a small suburb of Chicago, which has been our lifeblood since graduating college together sixteen years ago. Sitting next to Shannon in that math class sophomore year, was the best decision of my life.

I teach at the high school while Shannon is at the middle school right down the block. We are that sick couple that drive together to work every day, try to have lunch with each other as much as possible, and still are just as happy to spend time alone together as we would be to go out with friends. We were very lucky to find each other and have been extremely happy together all these years.

We are each-others whole world, well us and our girls that is. Audrey will be fifteen in a few months, Andrea just turned thirteen two months ago, and Annabelle is eleven and a half. If you have ever seen those old fifties shows on TV with the loving family that travels around singing together, well we are not quite that wholesome, but sickening none the less.

The last year has been somewhat challenging. Shannon has been constantly complaining about this or that ache or pain but won’t go to the doctor and I am at my wits end with it. I finally talk Shannon into going to the doctor, seeing that we are on Spring Break next week, and I have already made an appointment for that Monday early afternoon.

Thankfully we have Friday off and we spend the whole of that day and Saturday getting eggs dyed and the house together for the extended family that will be coming over on Easter Sunday. It is our tradition to have both of our extended families over to our house for Easter, and this year will be no different.

Heading to bed that night we are fucking beat. It has been such a long day with both of our families here and then us cleaning up after them, we cannot wait to get to sleep. Spring break and sleeping in here we come, well except for that Doctor’s appointment tomorrow early afternoon for Shannon.

Chapter 2


Leaving the Doctor’s office, I can’t believe that all this will be changing soon and Alex will have to go on without me. We love spending time together as a family and I wonder how the girls will feel not having both parents around. Easter was the last holiday that we will have together with our extended family; thankfully we didn’t know it at the time.

The last year has really been a struggle for me. Constantly not feeling well and just struggling from day to day. I have just been in so much pain, my chest has seemed so tight at times, almost like I was having trouble breathing. Being me, however, I didn’t go to the doctor during this time. I only complained to Alex and was a real pain to live with, I’m sure. Alex finally dragged me to the doctor less than a week ago, the day after Easter and that is when we found out.

Stage four breast cancer, who the fuck gets diagnosed at 39 with stage four breast cancer? Isn’t that shit for older women? I don’t understand why this happened to me, to us. Alex is going to have such a struggle raising the girls alone, and just when they are coming into their teenage years. I don’t know how Alex will do it without me, but that is something that we will need figure out and quick.

The doctors are saying that I have six weeks to six months to live. How are we supposed to map out the last weeks of my life? Let alone try to tell the girls what is going on and have them deal with the fact that one of their parents will not be with them for all the important events of their lives like: prom, driving, dating, college, weddings, etc.