Tyranny:Goddesses of Delphi Book 1

By: Gemma Brocato


One man, one muse, one romance to save the world

Immortal librarian Clio has existed for thousands of years. Her purpose—to influence and inspire mortals. Now as one has inspired her, a battle is mounting between the Muses and a god who care little for the plight of man. A hostile takeover is imminent at Olympus Enterprises.

History professor Jax Callahan is battling his own uncertainties. His previous employer’s refusal to heed his warnings results in a tragic loss of life. Blaming himself, he no longer believes he can make a difference.

Tyranny will stop at nothing to appease her father and succeed in taking over Olympus and the world. To save mankind, Clio must reveal herself as a Muse to Jax, the man she’s fallen in love with. Facing the end of humanity as they know it, she must convince him to trust in the magic of what if. Because failure spells doom for everyone.


For Joanne Wadsworth.

Thank you for encouraging me to take a leap with a new genre.


Without help from many quarters, this book might never have happened. My family: my publicity-shy husband, whom I affectionately call Mr. Gemma, and my two children, Erin and Andrew. You support me and cheer me on and remind me of the good that happens when you share a great love.

My editor, Corinne DeMaagd, whose patience and mentoring as we worked on this story certainly qualifies her for sainthood.

The KickAss Chicks and my Sassy sisters, you are all strong, inspiring authors. I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Author’s Note

I have been intrigued by Greek mythology since I was quite young. Paintings and depictions of gods and goddesses have inspired great emotion and interest in me, making me want to learn more. So when I decided to write stories shrouded in mythology, it was natural to pick the Muses.

When I began researching the Muses I was struck by the myth of Pierus, and how he had nine daughters, like Zeus. Daughters, named the Pierides, he believed were superior to the Muses. So he goaded the Muses into a contest. When they won, to punish them for their insolence, Zeus transformed the Pierides into magpies. That legend became the basis for my stories. Nine muses, nine mortal men…nine chances at love to save the world.

The idea that Pierus would enter his offspring in a battle to take over Olympus evolved naturally. Every story must have a villain, right? Although, I frequently want to beat my head on the desk and wonder why I picked magpies? It’s hard to find nine creative ways to portray the birds. Which is why I took a little poetic license in the naming of the birds. Should Pierus and crew ever win a challenge, all kinds of evil, which already exists in the world, would increase a thousand-fold.

I took a little license in endowing the Muses with a mortal lifecycle. The idea that they lived, died and were reborn again with all their memories intrigued me and I went with it.

It hasn’t hurt that I love history…all kinds of history. So salting bits and pieces of the Muses backstory in through historical events made me smile. I hope you will find these little tidbits as much fun as I did.

I suppose this is where I have to say that any faults or errors in history are mine alone. Hey, if one of my Muses can face a magpie and win, then I guess I can own making mistakes.



Chapter 1

A violent crack of thunder rolled across the Allegheny mountains surrounding the Delphi City University Library. The boom reverberated off the elaborate stained-glass window in the marble stairwell. Clio Thanos hunched her shoulders, waiting for the flash of lightning to follow that would illuminate the impressive, colorful scene sculpted in the glass panels. Right now, the only impressive thing was it hadn’t rattled right out of the lead beading that held the panels in place.

The storm was one of the worst Clio had ever experienced. And she’d lived through more than one lifetime worth of them. Rain pelted the stained glass like pebbles being tossed against a lover’s window. The cavernous space of the Delphi City University library echoed back the pinging noise. The roar of pounding water echoed off the benign faces painted on the domed ceiling, as if the gods and goddesses depicted there were laughing out loud. Fanciful thinking. They never laughed, only bickered.