By: Laura Bailey


Tonight Conrad, who if there were a leader it was him, collected her from her bedroom, holding her with a powerful muscular arm. He led her though the marbled hallway, through a long cream drape curtain, into a large mirrored room with luxurious dark leather couches. The other four men were all there, some smoking cigars and the smoke from them hung in a haze that added a mysterious fog to the room, shrouding them in the dimness of the room. They sat around on the couches watching her entrance, relaxed, drinking whisky. Tonight it seemed, they were all in calm repose, enjoying one another’s company. Again, as she looked around her, taking in the sight of the immaculately attired men, she felt as though she had stepped into a dream fantasy world where only the most exclusive, most handsome men were allowed, chosen only for their looks, their charm, their fabulously masculine bodies, and it was like the most exquisite dream she cold have imagined. Pure, unrestrained sexual fulfilment given to her by these brooding, alluring, enigmatic men, who offered everything they had to her, for her exclusive pleasure. Sumptuous, thrilling, forbidden sexual acts performed on her without inhibition, without restraint, again and again in utter abandon, scorching her soul, binding her to them in their secretive surrender to her.

At the end of the room was a long cream see-through curtain on which she could see a huge plush bed with cushions. Conrad led her to the bed and tied the curtain to a sash at the corner of the bed.

“This bed is for your comfort and pleasure Gabrielle, but before you lay down we would like you to join us for drinks.”

He led her over to the couches, and she was handed a glass of champagne. Trent pulled her gently onto his lap. Tonight Conrad had requested that she wear only stockings and a suspender belt, nothing else. They were in a decadent, debauched mood he said, and wished not for her clothes to get in the way. She wore again the diamond necklace they had given her but Conrad held out a box in front of her and opening it she found the most beautiful pair of diamond earrings for her, which Trent helped her to put into her ears. They were stunningly beautiful.

As she sat in Trent’s lap, Conrad stood in front of her and taking hold of her legs he separated them and placed them so that she had one laid over each of Trent’s thighs, in effect holding her legs wide open and exposing her pussy completely. “Gentlemen,” he spoke to the others, “Gabrielle is in position for you to pleasure her.”

Trent’s hands went underneath her, cupping her buttocks to ensure she was in a supported position. Conrad looked over to Kane, offering him the first opportunity, and as Trent held her out, Kane stood and came over.

Standing before her, unzipping his pants and bringing out his cock already hard and ready for her just from the anticipation of fucking her, the sexual tension in the air was palpable amongst the brothers as they watched Kane. He stroked his cock slowly in front of her, teasing her in a provocative demonstration of his readiness for her, looking at her pussy held open for him as he ran his hand up and down his thick cock. He placed it at the entrance of her sex and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down against the lips of her pussy, moistening his cock from the wetness that seemed to be permanently between her lips. He watched intensely as his cock separated and opened her lips wider, running it around her entrance in a tantalisingly promising way that excited her enormously.

From across the room, she could see him in the mirror, his broad back and his tight ass, as she looked at the other men reflected around her, their erections visible in their bulge of their pants and they met her gaze and unzipped their pants, pulling out their cocks and holding them in their hands for her to see. Kane began to enter her, and as he went deeper he began to thrust into her, his hips rocking back and forth as he arched his back and pumped his cock inside her as Conrad stood watching and Brandon and Nathan came closer to watch her face as she began to moan in pleasure, and driven by her desire they stood either side of her and began to stroke their cocks, achingly aroused by the sight of Kane’s cock claiming her. They picked up her hands which had become locked onto Kane’s waist and placed a hand each on their cocks and as she formed a fist shape around their cocks they began to slide them in to her fists, pumping them into her hand, and with a growl Kane threw back his head as he came hard into her. Pulling out, he stepped aside for Brandon who took Kane’s position between Gabrielle’s legs as Trent continued to hold her out, the strength in his arms unwavering from her weight as Brandon took his cock in his hand and eased it into her, pushing his cock slickly through the wetness inside her. Nathan took Brandon’s former position and pumped his cock into her fist, Conrad staring into her eyes, watching the bliss in them, holding her in his intense deep brown eyes with an expression that exuded pure love, encouraging her to let go, to let them in.