Tied to You:A Passionate Indian Billionaire Romance

By: P.G. Van

The Blurb

She never expected to be kidnapped in broad daylight and held against her will.

Deepika Varma is a fashion designer who is better known as DeeVa and well known for her women's designer clothing line. She is shocked at how easily she was taken away from her life and held captive. What was even more shocking was that her captor is a well-known business magnate, Rudra Shanghi .

What could one of the most successful CEOs in the country want from her? Why is he convinced she has the answers to all his questions?

Chapter 1

“There she goes,” Deepika whispered into the microphone watching the beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

Deepika slowly turned to look at the groom when everyone else in the church turned back to watch the bride walk down the aisle. It was her favorite part of her job. Every time she saw the awe in a groom’s eyes when he saw his bride, it made Deepika smile. That very look confirmed that, as a designer, she had done her job well and made another couple happy. She slowly moved her eyes to follow the bride as she walked down the aisle with her father, and all Deepika could think about was what else she could have done differently with the dress.

She was happy with how the dress had turned out. Her eyes wandered in search of one of her assistants who was seated in the front row to adjust the bride’s train after she stepped next to her husband-to-be.

“The bride’s dress needs adjustment at the hem.” Deepika pressed on the earpiece and spoke firmly. She let out a sigh of relief when the dress was adjusted to perfection without interrupting the ceremony .

In her eight-year career as a fashion designer, the past few years have been the most rewarding. She made hundreds of dresses for top celebrities and known personalities in the country, and every event was of the utmost importance for her, especially the weddings. She personally attended each wedding to make sure the dress she designed was also worn to perfection with nothing out of place. The dress the bride wore today was no different. It was a wedding dress that was fashioned in traditional white, yet the long sheer sleeves, the wide boat neck, and the embellishments added drama to the custom dress.

Deepika gave her team a nod of appreciation when the ceremony was over, and the happy couple made their way out of the church. She knew her team wasn’t done for the day, not until the bride walked into the reception with her new husband.

“What’s the status on the reception outfit?” she asked as she walked toward her team gathered to one side of the now-empty church.

“Ma’am, we have lots of time,” one of the junior designers on her team said into the mic, smiling cheerfully.

“I asked for the status. Not. Time.” Her words made an eerie silence settle in over the empty church.

Her senior designer jumped in. “The dress is on its way to the hotel where the reception will be held. ”

“I want the dress to be…” Deepika’s voice trailed off when she heard a woman’s voice call out to her. She turned to find the bride’s best friend, Sana, walking toward her.

“Deeva, that dress was just stunning. You’ve made the bride very happy just like you made me on my wedding day.” Sana put her arms around Deepika. She was better known as ‘DeeVa’ in her line of work although she didn’t really like the idea of people calling her by a name that sounded like Diva .

Deepika had designed Sana’s wedding outfits a year ago, and since then, Sana has recommended Deepika to all her friends. Sana’s father is the home minister of the state, and since Sana’s wedding, Deepika has only designed clothing for celebrities and well-known professionals outside of her work with Beeba Global, a leading fashion house.

“Thank you. It’s good that the bride is happy.” Deepika maintained a professional tone, although she and Sana were good friends.

“Ecstatic is the word.” Sana laughed.

“Glad to hear.” Deepika smiled.

“If there’s anyone who can make the dress of dreams, it’s you.” Sana meant every word she said .

Deepika may be the youngest in the line of fashion designers, but with the huge win she swept in a fashion designing contest while in college at the age of nineteen, it made her famous. At twenty-six, she was accomplished and worked only on high-profile jobs. Two years ago, her boss at the fashion house offered her a partnership in the company to keep her from being swept up by designers from all over the world.