ThunderClaw (Alien Warrior #2)

By: Penelope Fletcher


ThunderClaw took me what felt like forever (two years) to finish. Apologies it took so long! Aside from it being a longer-length novel (the equivalent of three standard novels), life needed living. After seven years of writing, I needed a quiet, lengthy break to revive my creativity. Beowyn was meant to have a teeny part in Venomous, but had such giant presence, he ended up with his own book. I thought this story would be all about him, so imagine my surprise when things turned out differently. I used several unusual names in this book, and I will outline them here with their pronunciation.

Sìne ~ Shee-na

Beowyn ~ Bae-oh-wun

Éorik ~ Ae-oar-ick

Wulfyn ~ Wool-fin

Wyrhild ~ Wer-hil-d

Sjörn’ ~ S-yaw-n

Hel Bhyr ~     Hel Bear

Hel Bihter ~ Hel Bye-ter

for my husband

Truth, I am who females like best.

King Beowyn, Great Alpha, House of ThunderClaw

My wife and husband do not get along.

High Commander Éorik, Royal Defender, House of SnowBlade

Like my ancestors before me, I fight to the death for freedom.

Sìne of Clan Grae

Want binky.

Fergie of Clan Grae


On the planet of Rök…..

He, Venomous One stroked the crimson hood of the zýt as she slithered through the welcoming swirl of the haze and out into the arid desert.

With a rattle of her tail, she burrowed into the powdery sand.

Tension weighted the air inside the lair, his mate on one side of the room, his nest-mates on the other. They frantically beckoned him to join them. They spoke over each other to explain what caused the strange atmosphere.

‘How long has she been standing there?’ Venomous asked.

He, Fiercely Comes the Night lowered his brow scales as he considered the tense set of his primary nest-mate’s sharp features. ‘Since second sun rise.’

Grunting his displeasure, Venomous leant back from the huddle. He watched his Rä’Na spread her legs.

She squeezed her fists, going up onto her toes, and then relaxed, keeping her fixed stare on the characters interacting on her favourite holovid.

Disconcerted, he crouched back in. ‘You tried to move her?’

He, Cobra that Strikes made a shuddering motion. Heavy slabs of armour plating tightened along his long torso. ‘Touching is an issue.’ He nudged Fiercely and gave him a pointed look.

Inhaling deeply, straightening and rolling his shoulders, Fiercely stood. His voice rose. ‘Lumen?’


‘Your primary mate has returned.’

‘I’m not blind.’

‘The volbeast perished.’ Venomous’ hunt for the murderous beast had gone well.

She tutted. ‘Poor creature.’

He lost his patience. ‘Why do you leak from your skin and eyes?’

‘Oh, you know, heavy stuff.’

He hesitated, not sure how to deal with her strange mood. Never had she not greeted him with happiness and her addicting kisses. ‘May I come to you?’

She flapped a dismissive hand over her head.

‘Perhaps you are hot?’ Fiercely said. ‘Perhaps you will feel better–.’

‘Come near me, and you will not like what happens.’

‘Thsst!’ Disgruntled, Fiercely threw up his arms and scowled.

Venomous sidled closer to his beloved mate but had enough sense not to touch her. ‘Rä’Na?’

Her eyes flicked up to meet his brille.

Her usually soft, welcoming expression held a touch of hostility.

He retracted his claws to stroke her elbow. When she didn’t rebuff the contact, he relaxed but took care in where he trod. ‘Dearest, why do you stand in a puddle?’

‘See, this is why I’m having a nervous breakdown. Doing this naturally seemed so wonderful and primal, but my waters broke three bells ago. I don’t know what to do. Oh, and I’ve come to the realisation tranquillizers must be awesome. I’m alone. There are no humans here to understand what I’m going through, and I’m so scared. I keep thinking I’ll pass out, but then the pain comes back and snaps me out of it.’

Spine stiffening, Venomous stepped into the liquid. He placed his lower hands on her stomach. It was hot and tight. ‘You are labouring?’