Through With Love:Suncoast Society

By: Tymber Dalton

Suncoast Society

Through With Love

Kent is through with love and convinced one man can never satisfy him—or his “monster.” He takes his pleasure from the sexy parties he throws for his friends, watching in silent envy as one after another pairs off and finds love. Meanwhile, an endless string of guys parade through his own bed, while his heart remains completely walled off.

Tim and Paul accidentally fell together, but it was lust at first sight with love soon to follow. They both enjoy their sexy after-hours funtime. When Kent stumbles onto their games, it adds a delicious bonus to their business relationship and redefines the phrase “strange bedfellows.”

Except what starts as fun soon turns into more for Tim and Paul. They know Kent is scared of commitment and has shadows in his past. So does Tim. Can Paul show both men this could be forever, and can they win not only Kent’s trust, but his heart, before it’s too late?

Chapter One

Five years ago

Paul looked up at the knock on his open office door to find Tim Sandberg standing there.


“Mr. Sauer, you asked to speak with me this afternoon?”

Paul had to think for a moment. He’d been deep in code mode and had totally lost track of time. “Oh, right. Sorry. Come on in and close the door, please.”

It wasn’t too difficult to drag his mind into the present. Not when face-to-face with his newest hire, a guy who seemed to effortlessly eat, drink, breathe, and bleed code.

Not to mention a guy whose intense brown gaze always seemed to harden Paul’s cock without even trying.

Which was something Paul could never admit to the man. For starters, he didn’t know if Tim was gay or not.

Secondly—hellooo, employee.

“Is something wrong, sir?”

Paul felt damn glad he was sitting down so Tim couldn’t see the chub popping in his pants. He’d like their positions to be reversed for sure, with him calling Tim Sir.

“Not with or for you, but yes, something’s wrong.”

A little of Tim’s tension eased as he smoothly slid into one of the two chairs in front of Paul’s desk. “What’s going on?”

Paul sat back and steepled his fingers in front of him. “I need your honest assessment of Mike’s coding skills.”

“Mike Terrace?”


“He’s a nice guy.”

“That wasn’t my question.”

Tim sighed. “I heard about his sister.”

“I know about his personal life. This situation predates that by quite a while.”

He gave Tim credit for trying, for obviously taking pains on how to phrase what he wanted to say without torpedoing Mike. A lesser man might use the opportunity to take well-deserved potshots at the guy in an attempt to climb the organizational ladder, especially since Tim was the newest programmer in the company, hired only six months earlier.

But Mike was a nice guy. A damned nice guy.

Which was part of the reason Mike was now creating a massive fricking pain in Paul’s ass.

Paul had hesitated to put the guy on notice before now, knowing how shitty the guy’s personal life was going. His sister had been attacked by her soon-to-be-ex-husband and put in the hospital, developed a blood clot in her brain, and died after languishing for several weeks. So now there was an ongoing criminal trial for Mike and his family to endure.

Paul had opted to “counsel” Mike a couple of times, without noting anything in his personnel file about it, hoping to nudge the guy in the right direction.

Every time it’d helped a little, but only for a week or two, at most, before he reverted back to his previous habits.

But Mike was a damned nice guy.

Except his coding skills weren’t up to par to start with. He’d been the weakest member on his dev team ever since being hired in, and Paul really regretted hiring the guy in the first place.

Especially since their latest project was running behind and plagued by problem after problem. Mike wasn’t causing those delays and problems, but he damn sure wasn’t helping solve them, either.

Paul hated firing people. It was the least favorite part of his job. It’d be infinitely easier if Mike was an asshole and hadn’t been working for him for over two years now.