Thrill Me (One Night With Sole Regret Book 9)

By: Olivia Cunning

One Night with Sole Regret 10

Chapter One

Sole Regret hadn’t even left the city limits of Houston, and their brand-spankablely-new pregnant problem was already making Owen’s life hell. He flinched when Lindsey took his wrist in her hand. They probably should have left the chick behind the stadium instead of inviting her on the tour until the band—or more likely he—figured out what to do with her.

“I need to speak to you in private,” she said.

She had backed Owen into a corner—both literally and figuratively. He looked down the aisle of the tour bus to his friends—his band brothers—for a bit of support, but it was as if he’d turned invisible. He didn’t hate Lindsey, but he didn’t want to talk to her either. Caitlyn had left because of the woman’s odious timing, and while he felt bad for Lindsey—who was notably pregnant and apparently had no one in the world who cared—he had more important worries. Like how to convince Caitlyn they were meant to be together when he had a surprise pregnant groupie showing up on his bus step.

“It will only take a minute,” Lindsey said, her blue eyes weary in her gaunt face.

He wondered if she was eating right. No matter how uncomfortable she made him, she was knocked-up and needed help. His conscience wouldn’t let him disregard her without hearing what she had to say.

“I’m listening,” he said.

Lindsey glanced at the other band members on the bus, guys trying so hard to ignore her that they’d fixated on her instead. He was pretty sure they were all holding their breath so she wouldn’t notice they existed. Owen would like to play dead too, but she’d already zeroed in on him.

“Not here,” she said under her breath. “I don’t think you want them to listen in on this conversation.”

He shrugged. “I don’t think there’s anything you can say that they shouldn’t hear for themselves.” Owen projected his voice toward the possum-playing rockers, but no one so much as blinked. Apparently they planned to throw him under the proverbial bus. And lucky for them, they had one handy.

Something about the intensity in Lindsey’s gaze made him reconsider his claim to share her conversation with everyone. Without another word, he brushed past her to make his way to the open bedroom door. If she tried to make a move on him, he was sure he could handle himself. And if that wasn’t why she wanted to speak to him in private . . . Well, maybe he was wrong about her.

He closed the door behind them and sat on the edge of the bed, crossing his leg over his knee so she couldn’t sit too close to him. She released a shaky breath and didn’t sit at all. Instead, she stood over him with a wide stance to maintain her balance. Concerned the bus might make a sudden move and send her tumbling, he patted the mattress beside him.

“Please sit. You look like you’re about to fall over.”

She considered him for a long moment, hooking her long blond hair behind one ear, and then she sat beside him, leaning forward and folding her arms over her belly.

“I’m not sure how to say this,” she said.

“Just spit it out, Lindsey. Nothing you say can possibly be more upsetting than finding out I might be the father of your baby.”

“You are the father,” she insisted.

“Until you present some solid evidence, I’ll hold off on installing a car seat in my Jeep.”

She rubbed at her tired eyes and released a weary sigh.

“How well do you remember that night in the mountain pass?” she asked.

“Pretty well. I wasn’t even drunk.” Drunk on lust maybe, but not on alcohol.

“Then you’ll recall the final time we were together that night. Everyone else had already passed out. That’s when it happened. I’m sure of it.”

He squinted as he tried to conjure up faded memories. He slept with a lot of woman and didn’t recall each occurrence in vivid detail. “I know I wore a condom every time, even that last time. So unless you poked a hole in it—”

Her glare cut off his accusation. “Of course I didn’t poke a hole in it. What kind of psycho do you think I am?”

He decided that was a question best left unanswered.