Thirty Days:Part Two

By: Belle Brooks

For Kylee, Kirsty, and Caroline

Thank you for supporting me on every journey so far in my life, for embracing me for who I am, accepting my quirks, and loving me regardless. For being three beautiful and sturdy shoulders to lean on—I couldn’t live without each of you.

I’ll appreciate you forever.


This book has been written using UK English and contains euphemisms and slang words that form part of the Australian spoken word, which is the basis of this book’s writing style.

Please remember that the words are not misspelled. They are slang terms and form part of everyday, Australian vernacular.

November 11, 2012

A cat has nine lives. Apparently, so do I. This god-awful hex seems to exclude my death.

Am I invincible?

As we plummet the final distance from the sky to the ground, my mind is blank—a black hole filled with nothingness. There are no more memories, no more faces, and no more thoughts. Just a partially lit field of grass fills my vision. Without warning, the plane levels out. It’s peculiar how in a split second we go from nosedive to steady. We float, then we’re nestled softly into thick overgrowth. No bumps or plods—we gently land.

Do guardian angels really exist?

“Abigail, are you okay back there?” The shaken tone of “The Captain’s” voice tells me we experienced this phenomenon together.

“What the actual fuck just happened?” My jaw hangs open as my mind whirls.

“To be honest, Abigail, I’ve no idea. It’s like this old girl was plucked from the sky like a mere toy and rested here. Never have I experienced anything like this before. Someone was looking out for us today, that’s for sure.” The Captain’s cheeks puff out when his aged face comes within sight. “Phew.” He exhales.

“You can say that again.”

“Phew…I think I just did.”

We stare at each other in a way that tells me we’re both completely creeped the hell out. The hairs stand to attention on the back of my neck as my hand gently tries to brush them away.

“Did that really happen, Captain?”

His grey eyes blink a few times before he nods.

“I think I’m invincible,” I mutter, still gobsmacked.

Long, stiff grass stands waist-high as our feet meet solid ground. Dropping to my knees like a sack of potatoes, I kiss wherever my lips land.

“I missed you, ground. Out of all you have to offer, Mother Nature—ground, you would have to be my very favourite. Never leave me again.”


“Steady on now, Abigail.” The Captain half-heartedly chuckles.

“I frickin’ love this ground,” I shriek in appreciation.

“Well, I can see that. Now get up, you crazy girl.”

“I think I need to be flat. I need to lie down, Captain.” I exhale as my body is engulfed by the long strands of thick grass.

“I think you’ve darn lost your marbles, lass. Come on, we need to start walking.” The Captain’s face hovers above mine as my carry on thuds, impacting the ground by my side.

“Where are we going exactly? Hell, do you even know where to go?”

“The plane’s navigation system tells me we are in sugar cane fields.”

“How can you be sure, though? Is this navigation tool always one hundred percent?”

“I’m pretty sure, Abigail.”

“But how?” I moan.

“Mainly because we are surrounded by sugar cane crops.” He struggles to contain his annoyance with my game of twenty questions.

“Oh. So this isn’t grass?”

“No, my dear, it’s cane. Now get up off the ground, grab your bag, and start walking.”

“Shouldn’t you radio someone first? Let them know…I don’t know, that we’ve had a plane crash and we’re stranded?”

“Already did, Abigail. I also sent a distress signal out when the propeller stopped working. They’re coming for us. Let’s try to get near a road, hey.”

“Arrgghh. I don’t wanna move.”

He clutches my arm tightly before pulling me upwards. Feet that instantly protest stand planted in place by his hold.

“Stop being so stubborn and move, lass,” he says as the sun continues to rise.

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