The Substitute(4)

By: Lindsay Delagair

The whole time they’d been tubing, Andy purposely avoided telling Gabe the good news. It was starting to get under Jen’s skin. Gabriel was Andy’s best friend, he’d been the best man at their wedding, he deserved to know what the doctor told them, but for some unknown reason Andy was staying tight lipped about the whole thing. And it was obvious that Gabe didn’t want to pry if Andy was unwilling to talk about it.

As soon as they bailed out of the truck, Andy asked Gabe if he’d like to come back to the house.

Gabe glanced to Candy.

“I’m sorry, I’ve got to work tonight—Saturday night’s are busy,” she said with a little smile. “Matter of fact, I was just going to tell you bye from here and see you tomorrow,” she added hesitantly. “If you want to that is.”

“Sure that’s fine. I’ll call you later,” he said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Jen was surprised. She expected he’d go for a tongue bath and a chance to rub against those big tits, but he was being a gentleman.

“Your house sounds great,” he said, turning to Andy and bumping fists.

She was trying to think what to fix for dinner on the drive home. She was tired and slightly sunburned, so cooking wasn’t very appealing. Ordering pizza was an idea, but they’d been spending too much this month.

She finally resigned herself to thawing out a couple ready-grilled chicken breasts and making some big chicken sandwiches when Andy told her he was going to take Gabe out for a while; just the two of them.

“Oh,” she said, knowing he planned to tell Gabe, but why the cloak-and-dagger routine? “You don’t want me along?”

They pulled into the driveway as he leaned over and kissed her. “Not this time. We’ll be back in a while. Would you mind fixing us something to eat?”

“Not at all. Chicken sandwiches okay with you?”

“Sounds good. Bye.”

As soon as Gabe pulled in behind them, she watched Andy go to the driver’s door and talk for a moment and then around to the passenger’s side and climbed in.

She was honestly glad that he decided to do it this way. She hadn’t had an opportunity to straighten the house when they left that morning, now she could clean it up.

When the guys returned a couple hours later, the house was sparkling clean and she had all the goodies set out to make sandwiches. She threw the breasts into the microwave to warm them, opened a bag of chips, and set out a couple glasses of ice for whatever they decided to drink. To her surprise, Gabe came into the house with a beer in one hand and a six pack with four beers missing dangling from his fingers. He was on his way to getting drunk!

“You’d better not have been driving like that,” she scolded.

“I drove,” Andy said as Gabe flopped onto the couch.

“So did you tell him?”

“Yup, he told me,” Gabe spoke up and then unsuccessfully tried to cover a burp. “Cancer free,” he said staring at Jen.

She fixed his sandwich and brought it to him. He was a bit disheveled, still shirtless and wearing his board shorts that had long since dried. His thick wavy golden hair was tousled from constantly wiping it back with his fingers. His six-pack abs were red hours ago, but had already started to tan and his thick biceps constantly looked like he was flexing, but it was just that he was so damned muscular from all his military training.

He looked at the sandwich, back to Jen, and then promptly downed his beer and opened another.

“Slow down, Cowboy,” she chided him. “Eat or you’re gonna pass out.”

“Sleep on our couch,” Andy added. “I’m not letting you drive home like this.”

He never touched his sandwich. He polished off the last of the beers and fell asleep.

“What’s with him?” She asked as they prepared to go to bed. “I expected him to be happy about what the doctor said, but I didn’t think he’d get stone-cold drunk over it.”

“He was happy about what the doctor told me—most of it anyway.”

“Wh—what do you mean?” She said as some irrational fear took over that Andy might have convinced the doctor to hold something back when they talked.