The Only One(6)

By: Melissa Ellen

“You know what you’re doing to me right now,” he gritted through his teeth. “I’m having a hard time controlling myself. It’s been too long, Ava… Too long, since I’ve been inside you.”

I felt the throbbing between my legs from his words. My body responded to him like it always did. My lips parted, wanting to feel his lips on mine. The elevator door dinged open, breaking the trance I was in. I quickly ducked under his arms, running out of the elevator, not looking back. I hoped he wouldn’t follow me any further. I was panicked and breathing fast as I quickened my steps, walking up to the receptionist.

“Ava Conner, with Willis & Associates,” I said in a rush, panting as I spoke. The nice lady behind the desk smiled sweetly.

“Yes, the other man is waiting for you in the conference room, through the frosted glass doors on the left. No need to stress. The meeting hasn’t started,” she pointed me to where I needed to go.

She was obviously aware of my stress from my rapid breathing, having no idea that it wasn’t because I was late to the meeting. I quickly made my way into the conference room to find Tom alone at a big, long, wooden table.

“I’m so sorry, Tom,” I tried to catch my breath as I spoke.

“Don’t worry, Ava. It’s fine. He hasn’t made it back from lunch, yet. They expect him any minute. Have a seat, dear. Catch your breath. You look like you just ran a marathon,” he patted my back.

I sat next to Tom, trying to level my breathing and gain some composure. I needed to focus. We had a very important meeting, and I didn’t want to mess this up for Tom. We sat there for about five more minutes, waiting for our client to arrive. I had finally started to feel calm when the frosted glass doors opened. I looked up, plastering a smile on my face to greet our new client. My smile dropped, replaced by my mouth wide open as Rhett walked through the door.


Rhett smiled his devilish smile as he strode confidently across the room to greet us. He looked sexy and poised, and I hated him for it. Tom stood, making his way around the table. “Mr. Blackwood,” he greeted him in a lower voice than normal, shaking Rhett’s hand. It was obvious he was trying to impress Rhett. “I’m Tom Willis and this is Ava Conner.” Tom stepped to the side to introduce me. I sat there, stunned silent as my boss stared at me expectantly. Shit. He expects me to shake his hand.

Rhett took a step forward to where I was sitting, looking like the devil himself with his impish grin. “Ms. Conner,” he said smoothly as he put out his hand for me to grasp. I had no idea how he could stand there, greeting me impassively as if he had never met me and didn’t just proposition me in the elevator a few minutes ago.

I eyed his hand as I cautiously stood. I needed to put the whole elevator incident out of my mind. I had a moment of weakness earlier, but that was only because of the initial shock of seeing him. Right? I could do this. I had to do this. If not for me, for my boss.

“Mr. Blackwood, nice to meet you,” I took his hand in mine, pretending like he had no impact on me. As soon as I felt the tingling of nerves start to travel through my body, I abruptly tried pulling it away. But Rhett held my hand tight, just grinning at me. I yanked my hand away forcefully, hoping Tom didn’t notice. I heard Rhett chuckle under his breath. The man was insane. My temper was starting to flare. Did he think this was a joke?

We took our seats, and thankfully Rhett sat across the table from Tom and me. Or maybe that wasn’t a good thing. I had a direct view of his delectable face and hypnotic eyes. I tried averting my eyes anywhere but at him.

“So, Mr. Willis, tell me about your firm,” Rhett commanded with a confident smile, not taking his probing eyes off of me.

Tom started blabbing his usual spiel that he gave to new clients. I could hear him talking, but I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. He was more animated than usual. I knew he was really trying to sell his credentials to Rhett. I wasn’t even sure, if Rhett was listening. I felt bad for my boss. I knew he really wanted the project.

My phone vibrated with a new text. I looked at it below the table.

V: Lunch was fun! I hope you made it to your meeting on time. ;) x