The Lies That Define Us(106)

By: Micalea Smeltzer


I jump, unaware he was standing there. Should I tell him the predicament I’m in? Honestly, the worst thing that could happen is he laughs in my face, and I have to call my mom. Either that or he could make me do dishes. Is that something that happens in real life? Or is it just something that happens in the movies? I don’t know but I figure I could give it a shot.

“No, thanks, I don’t need another one. I’m actually done. But…umm…I kind of have a problem.”

I’m surprised when his face shows legitimate concern. “Oh, what’s the problem?”

I try to avoid his face but ultimately my eyes make it back to his. This is humiliating. My eyes drop back to my feet before I admit, “I don’t know how to say this but my mom and I got into a huge fight earlier. I went for a walk to blow off steam. Since I hadn’t eaten all day I stopped in here for some food.”

I look up at him as he waits for me to continue. I don’t get embarrassed easily but even my normal self would be flustered in a situation like this.

“The problem is, I left the house so quickly, I forgot to grab my purse. I already had my phone on me so I didn’t even think twice about it until I reached down for my purse just now. I can call my mom to bring me some money, but I don’t want to talk with her right now.”

“Well, I can think of a way for you to work off your dinner.”

I wrinkle my nose. “Are you going to make me do dishes or something gross like that?”

“Nope, no dishes.”

“Okay, then what?”

He just gives me another one of those panty-dropping grins, and I immediately figure out where his mind went.

“Gross! I’m not a prostitute. I won’t have sex with you to pay for a ten-dollar burger.”

I may have yelled that a little too loudly because I get a few looks from the people around us. I choose to ignore them because if I start to pay attention, I’ll become even more embarrassed. He leans over and busts up laughing. He has the sexiest laugh, very gravelly and husky like his singing voice. I’m not sure why he finds this so funny. He’s being a pig and that’s not the way he’ll get me into his bed.

“I’m sorry but that was hilarious. Get your mind out of the gutter. I get off work in about an hour so if you want to hang around and then hang out with me afterward, I’ll pay for your food.”

I’m skeptical. “Seriously? Just hang out. No sex? No expectations?”

“I sincerely swear, no sex. Although, if you want to throw that option on the table, I wouldn’t turn it down.”

“Sorry to bruise your ego but that won’t be happening. I guess I can stick around a bit longer. Thanks for being so nice about it.”

He winks at me and then walks back to the other end of the bar where more of his fan club is waving him down for another drink. From where I’m sitting, I would guess that the very red cocktails are cosmos but the girls drinking them are not a Carrie, Samantha, or Miranda, and very far from a Charlotte.

They are way too trashy for that. They give off a groupie vibe, which makes sense since Flynn is a musician. I don’t understand dressing that way. Don’t they have any self-respect? I like to have my fun but I don’t dress like a whore or throw myself at random guys just because they’re hot and can carry a tune.

It’s kind of comical. These girls are wasting their breath because all he has done in the short time I’ve been in here is brush them off. He’s been shameless with his flirting but anytime a girl comes in physical contact, he ignores it. Maybe he isn’t a typical guy after all.