The Hacker Pushes Her Luck (Moonchuckle Bay 6)(8)

By: Heather Horrocks

She shrugged. That hurt her head, too. “It’s okay.”

Walter said, “I’ll do it.”

The doctor pulled down the back of her blouse and Walter took the picture. “I’ll text it to you.”

After the doctor sat back, Walter said, “Well? What do you think?”

“I think,” Dr. Johnson said, “that you could be a very lucky lady, Sugar. You seem to be all right, though someone needs to check you every few hours. The amnesia is troubling, though. You remember your name, but nothing else?”

Walter said, “We found business cards with her name. She didn’t technically remember it.” He turned to her. “Or do you remember it now?”

She shook her head in a tiny movement that only hurt a little.

“How long could it take her to get her memory back, Doc?” asked the biggest guy, the one who’d helped Walter carry her inside.

“With global amnesia, her memory could return at any time.” Dr. Johnson frowned. “Or it might never return.”

Sugar gasped at that.

The doctor patted her arm. “But I’m sure yours will return quickly. We’ll know more in a few days. Don’t worry if it doesn’t return for a few days.”

“You sound like Walter,” the big man said. “Precisely imprecise.”

Walter said, “Stow it, Ty.”

Ty was the big man. Okay.

He just smiled.

Walter said, “I’d like to take her to my house and take care of her there.”

“Well, you’re certainly qualified,” Dr. Johnson said. “How many M.D.s do you have now?”

“Just two.” Walter turned to her, his warm brown eyes serious. “Will you allow me to take care of you, Sugar?”

She looked at him. At the glasses that made him look so studious. The brown hair and chocolate eyes. The concern on his gentle face. He was so good-looking and she loved his light Scottish accent. Why not allow him to help her? He certainly didn’t seem as if he considered it a burden, and the doctor trusted him, so she nodded. “Yes.”

He let out a breath and smiled. “Thank you. I’ll make sure you’re okay.”

And she believed him.

Kelly Monroe turned toward his sister. “What are we gonna do now?”

“Just keep driving while I think,” Jade hissed at her brother.

“Drive where?”

“Just up the road and then turn around and we’ll drive back and see what’s going on.”

He did so, and drove back toward Town Square. Lydia had fallen out in front of city hall and the new Council office that Jade was supposed to be working at. She’d been looking forward to working in the very office she was trying to hack. And now that stupid witch had her laptop bag.

How could she possibly use this to her advantage? Think, Jade, think.

As they drove around Town Square, Jade told Kelly to park in the lot.

She got out and made her way to where Lydia had fallen to the ground.

Traffic was moving again, so she’d been taken somewhere. People were still standing around, so she feigned ignorance, “What happened? I heard some woman fell out of a moving vehicle. Is she all right?”

A little old lady looked way up at her and nodded. “They took her into that building,” she said, pointing to the new Council office.

A man walked out of the office. He was carrying a doctor’s bag. She raised a hand and caught his attention. “Do you know what happened to that poor woman who fell out of the vehicle? I saw her lying there, and it was just terrible.”

He nodded. “She seems to be all right but has amnesia. Did you see the vehicle?”

“No. I didn’t. She has amnesia? She doesn’t remember anything?” That was good.

“No. But she had ID on her. Apparently her name is Jade.”

Jade cringed internally. That wasn’t so good.

“Oh, good,” she lied, wanting to strangle Lydia. She smiled instead. “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he said, and walked off, toward the parking lot.

She hung back, not wanting to have him notice her again. She walked slowly until she saw the doctor drive off, then she strode toward their van.

This was terrible. Walter Clemmons thought Lydia was Jade.