The Hacker Pushes Her Luck (Moonchuckle Bay 6)(7)

By: Heather Horrocks

“Oh,” the woman said with a confused frown. “Jade?”

She looked so sweet and vulnerable, like spun sugar.

Walter nodded encouragingly.

“What are you going to do with her?” Ty asked, his arms folded. “Call Sheriff Winston to track down the people in the vehicle who didn’t come back for her?”

“That’s a good idea — if only we had a license plate number.” Walter stood and looked at his old friend. “If I hadn’t hired her, this wouldn’t have happened. I’m responsible for her.”

“It’s not your fault, Walter.” Ty shook his head. “Let Dr. Johnson put her in the hospital for observation.”

Walter couldn’t explain it, but he felt duty-bound to take care of her. She’d been injured while coming to the job. He shook his head. “It is my fault. And it’s my duty to take care of her.”

“Duty, my fireball! You’re looking at her like she’s candy and you have a sweet tooth.”

“She’s human, I think,” Walter said, as if that explained it. And it did, for Ty knew him better than anyone. He knew Walter would never marry a human again. So, no matter how attracted he was, he had to resist. “No. I need to see if I can help her remember. We need her hacking abilities.”

“Not for a few days, I hope,” Ty said.

“Of course not.” Walter looked at the spun-sugar woman. “If Dr. Johnson says it’s okay for her to come home with me instead of going to the hospital, I’ll need to wake her every few hours.”

And, in the meantime, he’d see how many things he could come up with to help jog her memory. Things he could learn about Jade Monroe.

That’s A Brilliant Move!


Sugar tried the name on for size. It did sound familiar somehow. Maybe because it was her name? “May I see the business card?”

The very handsome man who’d helped her inside reached out and took it from the other woman’s hand, then handed it to Jade.

“Here you are, Sugar.”

“Sugar?” She tipped her head and winced when it hurt.

“Sorry. It’s just what you remind me of.”

The bigger man said, “A nickname, Walter? Since when do you use nicknames?”

Walter. That was a nice name for the attractive man who’d helped her. “I kind of like it. You can call me Sugar.”

She studied the business card: Jade Monroe ~ Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Services. CEH-certified. The card also provided a website and phone number.

“I’m a hacker?” That thought excited her. Wow. “Am I a good hacker?”

Walter sat beside her. “Yes. You’re one of the best.”

“On computers?” The idea felt foreign to her.

The two men exchanged worried glances, and Walter said, “Yes.”

She straightened her shoulders and took a deep breath. “Okay.”

There was a knock on the door.

The bigger man opened the door, and another man stepped in carrying a doctor’s bag.

He smiled gently and approached her. “I take it this is my patient.”

Walter nodded and shifted away, and Jade wished he hadn’t. “This is Jade Monroe.”

She smiled at Walter. “Sugar Monroe.”

The doctor said, “Hello, Sugar. I’m Dr. Ben Johnson and I’m here to help you.”

He did some of the same things Walter had done, and asked her the same questions. Only this time she at least knew her name.

The doctor inspected her head. “That’s quite the bump you’ve got there.”

“Ouch,” she said as he probed, even though he did it gently.

“Sorry.” Can you turn to the side so that I can see the back of your head?” She did, and he moved her hair around her shoulders, searching for more hurt places, she guessed. He gave a low whistle. “That’s quite the tattoo you’ve got there. Do you know what it is?”

She had a tattoo? She wished she did know. “What does it look like?”

“It’s some kind of symbol, but I don’t know what it means.” The doctor continued to probe and inspect her arms and shoulders, and then he moved in front of her again and looked into her eyes. “I’ll research it when I get back to my office and see if I can find anything like it. Do you mind if I take a picture of it?”