The Current Between Us

By: Kindle Alexander


This book is dedicated to my Kindle.

I miss you every minute of every day.

Perry, you’re missing a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Keep those signs coming. She loves every one of them.

Aunt Vera, we love your strength. You’re truly admired.

Chapter 1

A flash lit the bedroom an instant before the roar of thunder shook the small brick home. It couldn’t have been much past three in the morning and instantly the house plunged into complete darkness, the electricity taken out by the storm raging outside. Trent Cooper rolled over in bed, kicking the blankets off his feet as he looked around. Seconds later, he heard the sounds of little feet hitting the floor, pounding on the hardwood as they ran toward his bedroom. In the next instant another pair of feet struck the floor. Now, both were heading his way. Pushing himself up on his elbows, he lifted his head and pulled the covers back, waiting.

“Daddy, Daddy, I’m scared. Can I sleep with you?” Emalynn, his almost-four-year-old daughter asked as she piled onto the foot of the bed and raced up to his arms. Her older brother, Hunter, wasn’t far behind. Both children landed squarely on his chest.

“Daddy, I think that was more than thunder,” six-year-old Hunter said, burrowing under his arm.

“Hunter, it’s just the clouds bumping together. You’re fine and safe.” As Trent spoke, another loud crash hit. At the same moment a flash of light lit up the bedroom again. Emalynn let out a scream to rival the storm outside. She wrapped her small arms around his neck and buried her face in his shoulder. If it were even possible, Hunter moved in closer, gluing himself to Trent’s side. Their little bodies trembled in his arms.

“Shhh, guys, I’ve got you. You know I’m not gonna let anything happen to either one of you. It’s just a thunderstorm. It’ll move over fast, I promise. Come lie down beside me. Hunter man, tell Emalynn what your mom used to say about these storms.”

It took a minute to get both children to release the tight grip they held on his body and another minute to get everyone settled and the bed covers over them. He talked the entire time to keep their attention focused just on him. “Hunter, listen to me, son, tell Emalynn what your mom used to say.”

“She always said that was Daddy in heaven trying to get our attention,” Hunter finally said, his big green eyes focused on the window as he slid his body down next to Trent. The bait seemed to work for Hunter, but not Emalynn. She only released her hold on his neck to wrap herself around his chest, her death grip firmly in place. He angled an extra pillow behind his head and laid back, ignoring the powerful storm outside.

After a minute, Emalynn poked her head out the top of the covers. Her green eyes searched his face as she inched her way up his chest until she could again hide her head in the crook of his neck. Her tiny body trembled as he gently rubbed her back with the palm of his hand.

“Emalynn, I was thinking, the super loud thunder could be both your momma and daddy trying to get your attention. What do you think, Hunter? Think it could happen?” Trent asked as Hunter added his own soothing hand to Emalynn’s back trying to calm her down. The trembles slowly began to ease in her little body.

“I think so, Em. Don’t be scared. It’s just Mommy and Daddy saying hello,” Hunter added quickly.

“See? It’s not bad at all.” Trent gave Em a small kiss on her head before he tried to angle her down along the left side of his body, opposite Hunter, but she would have no part in loosening her hold around his neck. Instead, she put one of her hands on his cheek and turned his face down to hers. Her sweet breath tickled across his skin as she spoke.

“Daddy, I think it’s scary monsters trying to eat our house!” Em’s big green eyes grew huge as she said the words, then a screech tore from her lips and she ducked her head back in his neck.

“Em, that’s dumb. Monsters aren’t real. I learned that in school, for sure!” Hunter said matter-of-factly with the storm outside completely forgotten.

“Shh, Emalynn, baby, Hunter’s right. There’s no such thing as monsters, and do you hear it? The storm’s already getting calmer outside.” As if on cue, the alarm clock on the nightstand flashed back to life as well as the hall bathroom light he always left on for the kids at night. “See there? The lights are back on. The storm’s leaving.”

“Daddy, I want to sleep with you. I’m still scared,” Em said. She let up on her hold at his throat, but again her hands were on his face, turning his head to look her in the eye.

“Me too, Daddy! I want to sleep with you, too.” Hunter was in instant agreement with his sister.