The Cinderella Deal(78)

By: Jennifer Crusie

SURRENDER THE SHADOW, LOVESWEPT #810, is another superb love story in Sandra Chastain’s acclaimed MAC’S ANGELS series. No one can get in or out of dangerous places better than Connor Preston, the handsome enigma his Green Beret buddies nicknamed the Shadow, but Erica Fallon presents a different kind of threat! Once engaged to the brash daredevil, she’d vanished during a violent attack that shattered his world. Now they’re reunited but their love must survive a mysterious menace. Get set for a page-turning read of erotic intrigue as only Sandra can tell it. Award-winning author Donna Kauffman burns up the pages inSANTERRA’S SIN, LOVESWEPT

#811. When she answers his knock with “Enter at your own risk,” Diego Santerra realizes he has his hands full protecting Blue Delgado without her knowledge. He’s taken more than a little pleasure keeping an eye on her the past three weeks, but now he has to get closer. That means getting a job at her cantina and running the risk of endangering his heart. At her best when the story sizzles, Donna will wow you with a hero born for trouble, and a lady strong enough to handle him!

From Riley Morse, one of our talented new discoveries, comesTHE LAST HONEST MAN, LOVESWEPT #812. Jack Graham looks every inch a god as he fearlessly scales the wall of rock, while Hannah McKenzie watches in breathless wonder. No ordinary man can move that fast, or sense her presence so far away, but he has—and she feels the heat of his eyes brand her with uncivilized desire. Desperate to touch the woman who has breached his isolation, he dares to trust her with the shocking truth. Riley delivers a breath-stealing tale of fantasy and mystery. WHEN NIGHT FALLS, LOVESWEPT #813, by acclaimed author Cheryln Biggs, is an invitation to venture into the shadowed reaches of the human heart. Scarred by tragedy and devastated by guilt, Anton Reichard has hidden himself deep in the Louisiana bayous, running his empire with ruthless indifference—until reporter Dani Coroneaux pene trates his fortress! Vowing to get the story no one knows of the brooding maverick with the haunted gaze, Dani may prove to be Anton’s sensual salvation. A stunning love story from an author already acclaimed for the intensity of her writing. Happy reading! With warmest wishes,

Beth de Guzman Senior Editor

Shauna Summers Editor

P.S. Watch for these Bantam women’s fiction titles coming in November. From national bestseller Teresa Medeiros comesSHADOWS AND LACE, a captivating medieval love story rich in humor and passion. When Rowena’s drunken father loses her to the service of a forbidding knight accused of murder, the Dark Lord of Caerleon thinks he can use her to slay the ghosts of his past. But soon he will be ensnared by his own trap—slave to a desire he can never hope to quench. InTHE MARRIAGE

WAGER, by Jane Ashford, Lady Emma Tarrant had watched her husband gamble his life away and 

now she’s determined to save another young man from a similar fate. So she challenges Colin Wareham, the scoundrel who holds the young man’s debts, to another game. Intrigued, he names his stakes: a loss, and he forgives the debts. A win, and the lady must give him her heart. Don’t miss the previews of these exceptional novels in next month’s LOVESWEPTs. And immediately following this page, sneak a peek at the Bantam women’s fiction titles on sale now!