The Book Addict(91)

By: Annette Mori

Elle laughed. “Do you mean the fidget spinner?”

“Yeah. I mean who thought that up? It’s almost as bad as the pet rock.”

“Aunt Clara loves hers. She says it calms her.”

“There must be a whole group of magicians devoted to making us regular folk fall in love with useless gadgets and I’ll bet they’re all laughing their asses off about it. They’re probably called the fad magicians.”

“There isn’t, I swear. Besides, I thought we’d already determined you’re anything but regular.” Tanya ignored the comment alluding to how she was special. “I’ve often wondered what constitutes beauty. Are there beauty magicians who decide what is appealing? Same thing. I don’t like the idea of always buying into what everyone else thinks is beautiful, relevant, worthy…oh, you know what I mean.”

Elle pulled Tanya into her arms and soundly kissed her. “Mmmm, I love it when you get all feisty like that. Don’t ever change.”

The clip clop of shoes registered on the stairs to the loft apartment and two short raps followed on the closed door. Imara announced through the door, “Hey you lovebirds. I think I’ve aged ten years waiting for you to finish having make up sex. Can we please move on to devising a plan to help a very deserving chosen one?”

“Ten more minutes,” Elle answered and grinned at Tanya. “So…considering that Imara thinks we’re already having sex, maybe we should sneak in a quickie?”

“Nope. If we’re going to have make up sex, I want the full meal deal. Imara, if you’re still there, we need another forty-five minutes. Minimum. Try catching up with Bea and Clara. I’m sure y’all have plenty to talk about.”

“I love how your mind works.” Elle didn’t waste any time leading Tanya to the bed and beginning her slow exploration.