The Book Addict(3)

By: Annette Mori

“Back, back. Your girlfriend’s not out there.”

Tolstoy was always trying to run out the front door. He would roll around on the steps, or play kissy face with the feral cat Tanya fed. Sometimes, she caught him before he ran out; other times, he would make his escape. After dropping off her bag of groceries, Tanya went outside to collect Tolstoy and toss him back inside.

She went directly to her bedroom to change her clothes and pop out her contacts. She gathered her shoulder-length, dark brown hair and pulled it through a hair tie. With her crumpled tank top, baggy shorts, and thick black glasses, she wondered why anyone, much less an attractive, androgynous lesbian would want to have sex with her. Glancing into the mirror, she stuck out her tongue.

“Go away, you homely thing, and transform yourself into a beautiful swan.” Distorted gray eyes blinked back at her underneath her thick glasses. They looked unusually large, like something under a magnifying glass.

Tolstoy jumped on the vanity and meowed.

“I wasn’t talking to you. You’re already too handsome for your own good. I’m glad I had them do the snip, snip on you.” She gestured with her hand, simulating a pair of scissors, and Tolstoy jumped down. “I did it for your own good. We don’t need more feral kittens hanging around,” she called after his swishing tail.

Too lazy to cook anything, she walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of granola. After opening the door to the refrigerator, she pulled out a container of Greek yogurt and some blueberries. Dishing up the yogurt, she tossed granola and blueberries on top, then proceeded to put the ingredients away.

When she turned back around, she caught Tolstoy sticking his paw in her bowl and licking the yogurt off. “Tolstoy,” she admonished. “Get down.”

He looked up at her and put his paw back in the bowl.

“Bad kitty.” She pushed him onto the floor and retrieved a spoon from her kitchen drawer, sticking it into her bowl. Once she’d settled into her bed with her dinner, she picked up the book on the nightstand. “Let’s see what the hunky Val is up to.”

Tolstoy jumped on the bed, and when Tanya was distracted during a particularly steamy part, he stuck his paw in the bowl and stole a treat. She hadn’t noticed at the time because she’d become completely engrossed in the book. His sticky paw prints on her bedspread left the damning evidence.

Tanya watched Val walking down the stairs, dashing in her tuxedo. Bleary eyed, she turned the last page. She patted her stomach, imagining she was ready to have a baby. Val was standing by her side, with a look of love on her face.

Her fantasy took a completely different turn, as she imagined events that weren’t at all part of the book. She set the book down on her chest for a minute. Val pushed Tanya against the condo door and brought her hand up inside Tanya’s skirt. Her hand traveled to the inside of Tanya’s thigh, as she pushed aside the sexy lace underwear. It didn’t matter that Tanya didn’t own sexy underwear and rarely wore skirts. This fantasy seemed very real. Real enough to create a pool of moisture between her legs. Val stroked just outside of her vagina, ever so lightly, until Tanya cried out in pleasure.

Tanya sighed, set the book on the nightstand, then reached over to turn off the lamp. Moving her body down under the covers, she promptly fell asleep, dreaming about Val, her “knight in shining armor.” She wanted the fantasy she’d already started to continue in her dreams.

Chapter Three

The sun was shining again, but that was no big surprise on the eastern side of the state in the middle of summer. Mornings were Tanya’s favorite time during the scorching season, because she could sit out on her deck comfortably and drink her coffee.

Almost like a tic, she pushed her heavy glasses up her nose. She’d developed this unconscious gesture over the many years she’d had to wear them before she got her contacts. It was too early to put the offending contact lenses in her eyes. By the end of the day, her eyes were screaming for her to set them free. They were so scratchy she would think she had a piece of sand in her eye.

Tanya was excited to visit the new bookstore. She’d heard the owner was a looker. It was a small town that she lived in, and most people didn’t notice her, but Tanya paid attention. When talk turned to the new bookstore and its attractive owner, she listened. She hoped this newcomer would be a single lesbian. Oh, who was she kidding? She’d never make a move. It wasn’t like she tried to hide who she was, it was just a nonissue. No one ever gave Tanya a second thought, or a first one for that matter. She’d always just faded into the background.