The Exchange Part 1

By: N. Isabelle Blanco

I can't take it anymore. She's ruined me. My entire sanity hinges on being inside her.

“I want you. Need you.”

“Oh, God. Yes. Take me.”

And that it was all it took for my life to get ripped apart, torn into unrecognizable pieces that didn't make sense and never would.

Adelphi Organization Site 0012

Exact Location Unknown.

Leipzig, Germany.

“SINCE WHEN DO YOU HEAD the security ops, Deimos? Your specialty is slaughter and maim.”

I ignore Logan’s question and continue staring down at my tablet. He’s right. I didn’t earn the code name Deimos by accident. I specialize in death. Gruesome, all-consuming, creative, no-man-left-standing type of death.

Which is why I was chosen for this mission.

That and the fact that I am familiar with the field of bionics. After having major surgery to replace both my arms with bionic parts, I’ve become one of eight bionic people on the planet.

I'm also on a whole other level compared to most of them. The best that technology could create. Top secret. The world's governments—those that are heavy power players—go to extreme lengths to hide from the public that certain technologies exist.

Both of my arms and hands are now made of that type of technology. Practically indestructible, seemingly human, bionic parts.

Actually, considering the information in front of me, there’s nine of us now. And the new addition seems to be as advanced as I am.

Logan gets fed-up with my lack of response. With a huff, he gets up and comes to stand behind me so he can read over my shoulder. “Oh… kay. Yeah. She’s attractive. Looks familiar, too. That’s your assignment?”

He’s not lying. The young girl in the picture is beautiful. With her long, dark brown hair, pale skin, and her mixed features, she’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Her eyes are large and golden-green. Mr. Heaton, her father, is British and Asian. Her mother, Luisa Heaton, had been Spaniard.

She’s a perfect genetic mixture. As she would be. Lei Heaton had his deceased wife’s genetic code tested and analyzed with his own to ensure maximum compatibility.

Logan reaches forward, putting his finger on my fucking tablet and scrolling. “Magdalena Heaton… the Magdalena Heaton? As in the daughter of Lei Heaton, owner of Heaton Corp?”

Heaton Corp. is the leader in medical technology.

Namely... you guessed it: bionics.

I nod and push his hand away.

Logan, being the annoying fucker that he sometimes is, rips the tablet out of my grasp so he can continue reading. “Father is Lei Heaton, age 45. Mother was Luisa Heaton. Deceased at age 41. Blah, blah, blah. All this is common knowledge.”

I raise an eyebrow, waiting for it…

“Date of birth is June 9th, 1996. Age nineteen. Date of—” Logan blinks down at the tablet. Then, he brings it up to his face, as if having it that close will help him make sense of what he’s reading. “Confirmed status: deceased.”

He lowers the tablet, red brows furrowed. His light blue eyes are locked on the floor and he looks so concentrated that it seems like he’s trying to solve Femat’s Theorem or some shit. “This states that her date of death is December 17th, 2014. So… what? They’re sending the ‘terror’ of the Adelphi Organization to deliver a corpse? And why hasn’t there been anything in the news about Lei Heaton’s daughter dying?”

I wave at the tablet still in his hands. “Keep reading.” I turn back to my touch-screen computer and begin putting together a message for Misty Johnson, the IT genius of our unit.

By this point, I have memorized everything Logan is reading. No matter how many times I go through the file, it still doesn’t make sense to me.

Magdalena Heaton was in a car wreck about four months ago. It’d been late at night when the car skidded right off the empty road and straight into a ditch, thirty-feet down.

The driver somehow survived with only a few minor injuries; Magdalena Heaton, however, did not.

I hear Logan approaching before he speaks. “So Lei Heaton tries to save his daughter using every bionic advancement at his company’s disposal. And when that fails and his daughter dies, he… what? He brought her brain back to life by uploading a computer program into it?”