The Desert Prince's Proposal

By: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1

She wasn’t startled by the roar of the lion.

In fact, the gorgeous woman with creamy skin and dark hair looked pretty blasé. She didn’t scream or jerk backwards as the lion roared, his enormous mouth wide as the ferocious beast showed his teeth. When the roar was finished, the lion shook his massive mane and glared directly at the woman.

Anyone else would at least be impressed by the intense roar. Some might even jump backwards or possibly run away!

So why was this sexy, stunning woman simply standing along the edge of the elaborate lion area, staring back at the ferocious beast? Why was she so unconcerned?

Prince Tavon impatiently signaled for his overly cautious security guards to hold back as he slowly approached the woman. He couldn’t see much of her features with the ratty, floppy hat hiding her face, but the slim waist and perfectly round bottom in the loose cargo pants were enough to gain his attention. Maybe that was why the lion was roaring so loudly, trying to get her attention. Tavon chuckled as he continued to observe the staring match between the woman and the lion, amazed that the lion was losing the battle of wills.

Nor was the woman noticing Tavon either. Tavon almost laughed when he realized that he was actually in competition with the lion. Of all the outrageous…Tavon couldn’t believe he was trying to pull the woman’s attention away from an animal. And failing! He was used to women vying for his attention, not the other way around.

A new approach was called for, he thought as he walked towards the lion’s den. Thankfully, the ten foot moat and thirty foot wall separating the lions from the zoo visitors kept everyone safe. Still, the roar was pretty impressive.

The spring breeze lifted her dark hair, the soft tendrils dancing along her slender back as if laughing at him, taunting him. Tavon smiled mercilessly, but if anyone had passed by at that moment, they might translate his expression to one of pitiless wrath. In reality, he was amused and more-than-slightly challenged. His sister, Princess Sada, had always admonished him for appearing cold and heartless to the outside world. He didn’t care what the rest of the world thought of him. As Minister of Finance for Altair, he was in charge of ensuring the continued economic growth of his country and would do anything to achieve his goals, as long as they were within the laws of the country in which he was working. If he manipulated the rules to his advantage, then he didn’t care. He only cared about his family, the people of Altair and their continued prosperity.

And at the moment, gaining this woman’s attention.

His feelings definitely weren’t cold now. He was feeling a great many things, although he never allowed his heart to become involved in any way with the women that came though his life.

A breeze danced through the springtime warmth and her delicate, slender fingers lifted, holding the floppy hat on her head. His smile, barely a slight shifting of his lips, disappeared as new thoughts entered his mind. Ungentlemanly thoughts about what he’d like this woman to do with those lovely fingers. Instantly, his body reacted to the erotic images that unexpectedly popped into his mind and his expression turned…feral.

Oh, darling, you have no idea what you’re doing to me, do you? He almost laughed out loud as salacious things he wanted to do to the lovely woman swirled through his mind, before shaking his head, trying to banish the ungentlemanly thoughts. Unfortunately, the woman shifted slightly, just enough to draw his eyes away from her long, elegant fingers and down to her perky derriere. Any success at banishing those wicked thoughts was obliterated as his eyes observed her perfectly round peach of a bottom. Not small…oh, no. This woman’s derriere would be a handful. A perfectly round, amazingly tempting handful. She was… marvelous!

The silent challenge had been issued and he gladly accepted. She might not know that she’d issued a challenge, but he didn’t care. Tavon loved the chase. He loved the thrill of winning, be it in the boardroom or a lion’s den. He didn’t care. Tavon knew that he was imaginative and adept enough to win any challenge facing him.

Tavon casually stopped several feet away from the lovely lady, wanting a better look. No ring, he noted. Excellent. He didn’t have sex with married women, no matter how enticing.