That Alien Feeling(8)

By: Alessandra Hazard

Harry blinked rapidly before nodding and turning away. “I was wondering...” he said haltingly. “Are you free now? Would you like to come to my place, watch a movie or something? I got Netflix yesterday! We could Netflix and chill?”

Adam choked on his coffee and started coughing.

Harry was by his side immediately. “Are you okay?” he said, patting Adam on the back. Harry’s face was completely innocent. Of course it was. Harry had no clue.

Adam cleared his throat, loosening his tie a little. “Fine.”

“So what about Netflix?”

He should say no. He really shouldn’t spend more time with this straight, taken, engaged bloke. It was positively masochistic.

But Harry was looking at him with such a hopeful expression, his violet eyes big and earnest, and fuck, this kid had him completely wrapped around his little finger already.

“Okay,” Adam said. “But…You really need to look up what ‘Netflix and chill’ means. Wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea, Haz.”

Five minutes later, Harry emerged from the back room, his face scarlet red.

“Ready to go?” Adam said, pulling out his car keys.

Harry just nodded.

“I asked Samantha what ‘Netflix and chill’ meant,” he said when he took the passenger seat in Adam’s car. “I’m so embarrassed.”

Adam snorted, starting the engine. “You’re lucky you made the mistake with me and not anyone else. Someone else would think you were leading them on.”

Harry chuckled, pressing his hands against his flushed cheeks. “Good thing I have you to tell me when I’m being a dumb foreigner.”

“Well, you did tell me you were an alien. For an alien, your grasp of English is excellent.”

“Thank you,” Harry said with an expression Adam couldn’t quite read.

“So where’s your place?” Adam asked.

Harry gave him the address and Adam entered it into the navigation system.

The drive didn’t take long. Twenty minutes later, Harry was letting him into his flat.

Adam’s first impression was the tiny size of the place. The flat consisted of a tiny kitchen and a tiny room that was barely big enough to accommodate an old brown couch, a small coffee table, and a TV. There was no bed. Adam looked at the short, hard couch and suppressed a grimace as he imagined Harry sleeping on it. It looked more than a little uncomfortable.

“It’s not much,” Harry said, looking a little self-conscious.

“You should have seen my first flat in London,” Adam said with a chuckle, sitting down on the couch. It was as uncomfortable as it looked. “It was bigger, but I had three flatmates.”

“I’ll get popcorn. Pick something to watch?”

Adam hummed in agreement and Harry left the room, disappearing into the kitchen. Adam looked around, a little unsettled. The flat was downright claustrophobic.

But he said nothing when Harry returned with a bowl of popcorn and two Diet Cokes. Harry looked so excited and pleased. Adam didn’t want to ruin his mood by making him feel embarrassed. The rent was expensive in London. It was admirable that Harry managed to get by on his own.

Harry plopped next to Adam and spread a blanket over their laps, placing the bowl with popcorn between them.

Adam closed his eyes for a moment. It was a struggle to keep his body relaxed. The couch was too fucking small.

“Why didn’t you pick a movie?” Harry said.

“I wanted you to.”

“Okay, but no complaining if you don’t like it!”

Adam watched Harry browse Netflix, trying to suppress the urge to put an arm around Harry’s shoulders and pull him even closer.

In an attempt to distract himself, he picked up the stack of DVDs from the coffee table and raised his eyebrows when he saw the titles. “You’re interested in sci-fi?”

Was Harry blushing?

“Samantha is a big science fiction fan,” Harry said. “She loaned me a couple of movies that weren’t on Netflix. They looked interesting.”

“I didn’t think War of the Worlds was the kind of movie you would enjoy. It’s pretty violent and gross.” Harry had mentioned he didn’t like violence in movies.

Harry scowled at the DVD in Adam’s hand. “I didn’t like it very much. The plot didn’t make sense to me. It’s ridiculous that aliens would want to invade Earth. What for? There are millions of planets without sentient life!”