By: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1

Daisy nervously sipped her now tepid tea, staring across the street at the construction site. “Please be there today,” she whispered to herself, then looked around to see if anyone had noticed her talking to herself. Self-consciously, she tugged the tweed wool of her straight skirt lower over her knees. Did the outfit look pretentious? Was it too demure? She’d chosen this outfit hoping to look business-like, but did she come across as prudish? “I really want this guy!”

And she didn’t want to be robbed!

The last guy she’d worked with had stolen supplies and money from her, but her lawyer, Jason, was taking care of him! She hoped this man was a smarter choice. From the investigation into his background, it seemed that Rocco Barnes was the man!

Glancing at her watch, she noticed that the construction crew was already hard at work across the street, but the tall, broad-shouldered foreman she’d been waiting for hadn’t yet arrived. At least, he hadn’t arrived while she’d been sitting here. Unfortunately, she’d been here for a while, which was why her tea was cold and she really needed a bathroom. Could he have slipped in to the construction site while she’d taken a bathroom break? That was entirely possible since she was on her fourth cup of herbal tea. She’d hurried during her last bathroom break, but now she didn’t want to risk another one, unwilling to miss him.

Tapping a manicured finger against the faux-marble table, she considered her options. She could leave and try to intercept him tomorrow. Or she could…well, at this point in the day, that was probably her only option. After investigating him for several weeks now, she knew his routine and he was a conscientious worker, always showing up on time, even early many mornings.

Pulling the investigator’s file out of her briefcase, she opened it and checked the information again. Well, not the information so much as the man’s picture. Of all the candidates her business manager had found for her, this man had caught her eye. Thankfully, he was also the best qualified as well as being the best…

Hmmm, looks didn’t really matter. Not when she was considering him for a job.

Suddenly, there was a commotion across the street and Daisy looked up. The tall, fiendishly muscular man in question was arguing about…something.

How in the world had he arrived without her noticing?!

Pushing the question aside, she watched the argument with fascination. Both men were snapping at each other. The shorter man with the protruding stomach was waving his arms in the air while the other guy, the tall, dark haired behemoth, was gesturing to the building with what looked like rolled up architectural plans .

The shorter man was stomping his foot now and Daisy knew that this wasn’t good.

Sure enough, the shorter man gestured to the gate leading out of the construction site and stalked away, leaving a stunned man standing there.

Suddenly, the tall guy threw the plans down and stomped out of the construction site, shaking his head as if he couldn’t believe it. With what looked like fury in his every step, he looked back over his shoulder and paused, appearing to debate going back in and arguing his point further.

Daisy watched as the tall man walked down to the next block and entered a bar. She followed him, not sure what to do. She touched the file, reminding herself of this man’s recommendations. Still, it was only ten o’clock in the morning and the man was ready to drink? Pressing her lips together in disapproval, Daisy paced a few steps back and forth, not sure what her next move should be. And time was wasting. She had a schedule to keep and she’d wasted too much time already trying to speak with this particular candidate, mostly because he came so highly recommended but…also because…okay, Daisy sighed and looked up at the grey clouds.

She was intrigued.

And more than a little intimidated.

From the moment her business manager had shown her the file, she’d…dreamed…about the man’s face. She’d actually come down to this work site the last three days but his picture hadn’t mentioned his size. Or his muscles. Or that raw power that seemed to surround the man.

There was something about him that terrified and frightened her, but at the same time, reassured and captivated her.