Taming His Hellion Countess (Lustful Lord 2)

By: Sorcha Mowbray

The Lustful Lords, Book 2

Chapter 1

June 1861

Robert Cooper, the Earl of Brougham, twined his cravat around the redhead’s wrists at the small of her back and smacked her ass. The woman cooed her approval as she lay bent over the edge of the bed.

“Do keep the racket down, love.”

He opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. He liked an enthusiastic lover, just not a noisy one. And having her restrained made his balls throb and his cock stiffen. Though, if he were forthright, not as much as it once had.

“Let the girl be, Cooper.” Marion Thomas, Baron Lincolnshire, was balls-deep in a brunette’s mouth as he made his suggestion. “Some of us enjoy the sounds of passion.”

A low moan of pleasure interrupted them as Grayson Powell, Viscount Wolfington, smacked the backside of the woman he currently had strapped to the spanking bench. The raven-haired beauty he was treating to a stout spanking sounded as excited as Wolf seemed to be, if his rather impressive cockstand was any indication.

Cooper ignored his friend and refocused on the woman he was about to fuck. Reaching down, he slid two fingers into her wet slit and pumped in and out. She moaned softly when he added a third finger. While not the tallest or the stoutest man amongst his set, his cock had proven intimidating to a woman on more than one occasion, so he worked his fingers in and out to ensure the sexy redhead would enjoy taking him.

Once her hips bucked against his hand, he slipped free and notched his cock at her opening. As he slid inside her pussy, the door of their room opened, and Flint—Matthew Derby, Marquess of Flintshire—entered. His face was bloody and bruised, but he tossed everyone a grin.

“Anyone mind if I jump in?” he asked as he opened the front flap of his trousers.

Wolf waved him over. “I think Millie has a hankering for a lobcock.”

Flint grabbed his shaft by the base and slapped it against his other hand, making a thick smacking sound. “Nothing soft here.” He moved over to Millie and nudged her lips with his erection. “Open up, sweetheart.”

The woman stared at Flint’s cock for a moment and then eagerly swallowed him whole.

Cooper shook his head at his friends, though watching the eager girl sucking his friend’s rather impressive cock helped bring his excitement up another notch. Then he returned once more to riding his way to ecstasy. He laid one hand on the redhead’s hip and grabbed her bound wrists with the other as he pounded into her generous curves. He’d come to enjoy the carnal delights of a well-endowed woman, and at the moment, he planned to avail himself of hers. What was her name? Mary? He didn’t remember precisely, not that it mattered.

All around him, the sensual sounds of sex filled the room. The slap of flesh, the slurping noise of a well-sucked cock, and the low groans of the participants climbing toward their climaxes. Sliding his hand from her hip to reach under her, he sought out his partner’s small nub. As he stroked her clit, she wailed and heaved against him, increasing their tempo. He kept up the bruising pace even as his balls tightened. The redhead crashed over the edge of bliss, crying out her pleasure as he continued to stroke into her. Then, with one last thrust, he exploded inside her with a groan of fulfilment.

All around him, his friends were reaching their satisfying ends. But he needed to tend to the woman beneath him. He rose from the bed and withdrew from her body. Immediately, he released her wrists. “Stay still, love.” Then he fastened up his trousers and inspected her wrists to ensure her skin was not overly abused.

“Thank you, my lord,” she said as she sat up.

“Think nothing of it. I appreciate your eagerness. Now off with you.”

He smacked her on the bum once more, eliciting a giggle from her as she departed. The other girls were either following suit or just finishing up with his friends. Was that a strange feeling of disappointment? Longing? No, it was envy that welled within him and had him feeling just the smallest bit jealous of what Stone had found with Theo.

Pushing aside the wayward thought, Cooper settled down in a nearby chair and waited for the rest of his friends to join him.

Flint sat down first, his trousers still hanging open a bit. “Hell of a night.”