Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(9)

By: Becca Van

He scanned under every car in the row in front of him, and when he didn’t find anything he moved onto the next row and once again got down on the asphalt on his belly and used his enhanced sight to see under all the vehicles. Fletcher glanced to his left and right and saw that his brothers were doing the same thing he was. He looked back up and straight, and just as he was about to get up and move onto the next row, something glinting in the sunlight caught his eye. He narrowed his gaze and tried to figure out what it was he was seeing, but whatever it was, was half beneath the back wheel of a car. He pushed to his feet and kept his eyes on the car where he had seen the sparkle and then crouched down next to the wheel. Poking out from beneath the tire was a key.

Fletch tried to pull the key out, but the car was too heavy and it wouldn’t budge.

“Over here,” he called to his brothers.

“What have you got?” Cal asked as he and Law came up beside him.

“There’s a key under the back wheel of this car. We have to lift it off.”

“Shit!” Law glanced at Fletch. “Do you think we are strong enough to do that?”

“Only one way to find out. Besides it’s only a small car,” Fletch replied.

“Let Law and I try, and if we can’t then you’ll have to help, too, and use your foot to get the key out once we lift the car high enough,” Cal suggested.

Fletch nodded and then waited while Law and Cal got down onto their knees and then gripped the bottom of the car frame. “On two,” Law said. “One, two.” Law and Cal strained and then that side of the car lifted a good five inches off the ground. Fletch reached for the keys and wrapped his hand around them, quickly pulling back so his brothers could lower the car.

He fell to his ass as emotions assailed him. He felt Tabitha’s fear and saw how she tried to fight off her assailants, but then she was stuck with a needle and passed out. Just as he was about to curse the fates and he began to lose the connection he had with her, fear stronger than before gripped his heart. He couldn’t see anything, but he knew that what he was feeling was what Tabby felt.

“Can you feel that? Did you see it?” Fletch asked.

“There’s nothing to see, but yeah, I can feel her emotions. Fuck, she is so scared,” Law said with a shaky voice.

“We need to get to the truck and see if we can follow that trail of emotion,” Cal said.

“You’re gonna have to help me,” Fletch said. “Because I can’t see a fucking thing.”

“What?” Cal nearly roared the question.

“Calm down, Cal. I think it’s because I’m connected to Tabby and she must be blindfolded or something. I’ll bet as soon as I let go of her keys I’ll have my vision back.”

“Don’t let go,” Law commanded and grabbed on to his upper arm. Cal moved in and took his other arm, and after helping him to his feet, his brothers began guiding him back to the truck.

“You’re going to be sitting in the front between the two of us,” Cal said and then placed the hand he wasn’t using to hold Tabby’s key on the top of the open door. “We can feel what you’re feeling and I don’t want to risk losing that by having you too far away.”

Fletch got into the front of the truck and scooted over into the middle of the bench seat. Cal and Law buckled him in so he wouldn’t lose his connection with Tabby.

“Okay, let’s see if we can find our woman.” Cal started the truck and began driving.

Between Fletch and his brothers, they were able to follow the link heading south of Miles City. When the truck began moving away from the direction the emotions were coming from, he directed them back on course.

“We’re on Sunset Drive and only a hundred yards from the end. It’s a dead-end road, Fletch.”

“Stop the truck,” Fletch ordered. “I can feel her and she’s close. My guess is she’s in a house or something at the end of this road.”

Cal pulled the truck over and turned off the ignition. “You stay here and keep that connection to our woman. Law and I are going to check things out. We’ll be back for you in a bit.”