Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(8)

By: Becca Van

She was cold and tired and scared and wondered if she would ever get out of this situation. Tabby had no idea what her kidnappers looked like because even when they fed her and gave her something to drink occasionally, they only ever lifted the bottom half of the hood. She’d even been stripped out of her nurse’s uniform and laid spread-eagle on a bed in only her bra and panties.

Even when she went to the toilet, she suffered the indignity of having someone watch over her. She didn’t think she’d ever get over that humiliation. All the times she used the facilities, she’d felt the eyes on her and prayed that whoever was looking at her wouldn’t touch her.

Please, God. Please let someone know that I’m in trouble and need help.

There hadn’t been anyone around in the parking lot when she’d been taken, and now she was on a four-day break. None of her work colleagues would even realize that there was something wrong until she didn’t show up for work the day after tomorrow. She knew that two days had passed. Even though the hood was kept in place at all times, she’d seen small glimpses of light under the hood when she’d moved and she’d felt the sun on her through a window, which she had worked out was above the bed she was tied to. The sun was going down, the rays getting weaker, and she was getting cold again. Goose bumps rose up over her skin and she shivered. God, she had never been so cold in her life. The assholes who had taken her didn’t even cover her up at night time with a quilt or sheet.

Tabby sniffled as tears leaked from the corners of her eyes. She didn’t know how much more of this shit she could take without breaking down. She’d tried unsuccessfully to get the hood off by swiping her face against her shoulder, but it hadn’t worked. She wondered if the fuckers had somehow secured it to her so she couldn’t get it off.

She heard footsteps and tried to conceal her fear. Her first reaction was to cringe and try to move away, but she couldn’t. Her whole body tensed as the heavy footsteps drew nearer, and she wondered if this would be the time they would touch and rape her and then kill her.

She began to shake with terror, and she heard the bastard chuckle. Tabby flinched when a hand landed on her stomach and began to stroke her skin. She gagged when bile rose up in her throat but swallowed a couple of times to force it back down again. If she was sick, she could end up choking on her own vomit.

She shook even harder when the hand moved up and covered her breast. She cried out when he squeezed her hard enough to cause pain and knew she would end up with bruises. Then she couldn’t hold her fear back anymore, not when his other hand touched her panty-covered mound. This was it. This was the moment she feared the most. She could hardly breathe she was panting so hard, and her heart was beating faster than a runaway freight train. It actually caused pain in her chest. It was beating that fast.

Oh God. Help me. Please someone help me?

Fletch was so anxious and tense he wanted to hit something. He and his brothers had just met with the sheriff of Miles City, and even though he was glad that the sheriff had the witness report of Tabitha’s abduction and he and his deputies had been looking for her, the search hadn’t been very well organized.

Apparently one of the cleaning staff had been standing outside of a side entrance to the hospital and had seen two men come up behind their woman and take her. What pissed Fletch off most was that the sheriff hadn’t even done a search of the parking lot. He’d wanted to hit the incompetent man in the face but knew he couldn’t. And from the look on his brothers’ faces, they had wanted to do the same.

At least the idiot had gotten the eyewitness’s statement. Cal pulled the truck into the hospital staff parking lot, and as soon as he stopped the truck Fletch and Law got out. From what he’d read in that report, Tabby had been taken near the back of the lot. He and Law walked side by side looking at the ground, searching for clues and evidence. Cal wasn’t too far behind them, and then he, too, was walking on the other side of him as they scanned the ground. When Fletch reached the end of the lot, he decided to get down on the ground on his stomach and look under all the cars he could. It didn’t matter if it took them the rest of the afternoon, because he wasn’t leaving until he found some evidence or something of Tabby’s, and hopefully he and his brothers would be able to use their empathetic powers to find where she had been taken.