Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(6)

By: Becca Van

They had stopped going to the main house for their breakfast and only ate their dinner with the rest of the team and their women. Fletch didn’t know if he could stand watching how cozy his teammates and women were for too long without blowing off some steam and making a real ass of himself.

He practically slammed the platter of bacon and eggs he’d cooked on the table, which earned him a glare from Cal. When he saw the muscles in his brother’s jaw flexing as he ground his teeth together, Fletch knew he’d gone overboard.

“Sorry,” he mumbled and then sat down. He stared at the food and wondered if he would be able to eat any of it, but knew he needed to force it down. He couldn’t afford to miss fueling up. If he and his brothers got another call out for a mission, he needed to be in top peak.

Just as that thought slid across his mind, each of their cell phones vibrated. He looked at the message and then started eating quickly, as did his brothers. They had ten minutes before they were due in the meeting room at the main house.

When he and his brothers were done, they dumped the dishes into the sink and headed out. The rest of the team were already at the main house and most of them were in the meeting room. They were just waiting for their team leaders.

Whit, Dalton, and Hay entered and then sat down after passing out folders.

“If you’ll all open the folders and look at the information Tony has sent us, you’ll see that Aguri Akashi has got evidence on two Japanese politicians from the House of Representatives who are involved in the sex slave ring,” Whit said. “The Prefectural Police have arrested and detained the two politicians and are currently interrogating them. Hopefully by the time they’re done we’ll have a list of each and every person involved in the Japanese underworld criminal organization, including those already stationed here in the US.

“Once we get that list, the FBI, CIA, and our local law enforcement officers will be going after those assholes, but until then we are to keep all our alerts in place. I wouldn’t put it past these bastards to come after us. In fact, I would say it’s a given.”

Just as Dalton was about to speak, an alarm on one of the laptops on the desk in the far corner went off. Whit, Dalt, and Hay hurried across to it, and Fletch watched Hay’s face as he began tapping rapidly on the keyboard.

“Fuck!” Hay lifted his head and looked at each of the teammates, and then his gaze landed on him and his brothers.

Fletch had a feeling he knew what was happening before any of their team leaders explained the situation.

“Cal, Fletch, and Law, you need to lock and load. Another blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman has been reported missing. You guys need to leave right now,” Dalton commanded.

Fletch nodded and rose to his feet. “Have you got all the information yet?”

“No,” Whit said and scrubbed a hand over his face. “We’ll have it before you’re ready to go, though. I need you guys to find this woman and get in and out as fast as possible. We all know that his could be a setup and we are probably going to have incoming headed here.”

“We’re going to get the women and children from both ranches away from here and safely hidden, but we are going to need you three back here as fast as possible,” Hay said. “Tony is aware of the situation and will send in backup if needed.”

“Understood,” Cal said and then led the way out.

Fletch and his brothers were prepared and back in the conference room ten minutes later. After picking and retrieving weapons from the hidden cupboard in the wall, Whit handed over the information on the missing woman. “I’ve already alerted the Miles City sheriff that you are coming. You can look over that stuff on your way. Be vigilant and stay safe.”

“You, too.” Fletch and his brothers shook their teammates’ hands and headed out to their truck. Minutes later they were on their way to Miles City in Montana.

“Fuck!” Law yelled from the backseat of the truck when he opened the folder Whit had handed him.

“What?” Cal glanced in the rearview mirror and met his gaze. Fletch turned to face Law from the passenger front seat and waited for him to speak.