Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(51)

By: Becca Van

Hands clasped her hips, ribcage, and arms. Tabby let them lift her and was amazed that they were able to move her without pulling her from Fletch’s cock. By the time they had finished positioning her, she was sitting on Fletch’s lap with his dick shoved up her ass and her legs wide open.

Cal maneuvered in between her legs and cupped her face. “Are you okay, Tabby cat?”

“Yes,” she moaned.

“Are you ready for me, kitten?”

“Yes. Please?”

Cal bent down and began to kiss her as he pushed his cock into her wet hole. Her groan was muffled by his mouth as he swept his tongue all over as if he wanted to taste every inch of her. By the time he was in her embedded deep inside, Tabby was gasping with need and desire.

“So good. I feel so full.”

“Do you want more, baby?”

Tabby turned her head toward Law and saw that he was upright on his knees, which put his cock in the prime position for her to suck him off. She licked her lips and stared at the fluid bubbling to the surface of his dick.

“God, you’re sexy,” Law gasped and then moaned when she licked over the tip of his cock. He threaded his fingers into her hair and held the back of her head, but she was glad he didn’t force her onto him and let her go at her own pace.

Tabby licked and swirled her tongue all around the corona of his cock then sucked him in as far as she could. His groans and moans were like music to her ears. She wanted to give him pleasure the same as they were giving her. She reached out and gripped the base of his shaft and began to bob her head up and down his cock, making sure to lick the sensitive underside. She wondered if that spot was like her clit and, when she could, concentrated on rubbing her tongue over it.

All thought flew from her head when Cal slid his cock back out of her vagina, and as he pushed back in, Fletcher gripped her hips and half lifted her off his dick so that it slid partially out of her ass. Tabby didn’t have to do a thing but suck Law off. She let her men lift her and pull her back down as they surged in and out of her body, counterthrusting into her pussy and ass.

In and out they went as she sucked and bobbed over Law’s cock. The only sounds in the room were their bodies slapping against hers, their heavy breathing, and her mouth slurping occasionally as she gave Law head.

With every stroke they sped up, and the tingles began to get hotter and brighter. Tension invaded her body, and her internal muscles rippled around the cocks shuttling in and out of her two holes.

“Fuck, baby. Your mouth is heaven,” Law rasped, and Tabby looked up at him to see that he had his head thrown back. The muscles and tendons in his neck were straining, and she realized that he was close to his peak. Tabby pushed down on his cock as far as she could without gagging and removed her hand from his shaft to cup his balls.

He growled and his cock jerked in her mouth.

Molten fire spread from her pussy to her womb, and tingles travelled up and down her legs and spine. The pressure inside her built higher with each stroke of Cal’s and Fletch’s cocks as they glided in and out of her pussy and ass, massaging and stimulating her nerve endings.

Her internal walls were rippling and fluttering constantly, and Tabby knew she was about to climax.

She rolled Law’s balls in her hand and felt them grow hotter as they began to draw up closer to his body.

“I’m gonna come, baby. Pull off if you don’t want a mouthful,” Law gasped.

Tabby didn’t want to pull off. She wanted everything from her men. She needed to taste him the same way he and his brothers had tasted her. She squeezed his balls a little harder and then pushed down on his cock until the tip touched the back of her throat. Tabby breathed through her nose, which helped her throat muscles to relax, and took him in a bit further. And then she swallowed.

“Ahh!” Law roared. His cock expanded and then jerked and spewed cum over the back of her tongue and down her throat. Tabby gulped and swallowed, hoping to get every drop of his essence. “Fuck!” Law gasped as he pulled his softening cock from her mouth and slumped over with his hands and knees on the bed.

Tabby closed her eyes as Fletcher pulled her back down on his cock, and then Cal shoved forward into her pussy. She was so full and on the edge of climax but couldn’t seem to go over.