Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(47)

By: Becca Van

“I’m fine.” Tabby sighed again.

Fletch crouched down beside Law and frowned at her. “Do you want me to call Dalton to check you over?”


Both men went to get up, but Cal held up his hand and halted them. “Stay right where you are. You’re both in the perfect position.”

Tabby had no idea what Cal was talking about, but when she saw slow smiles spread across Law and Fletcher’s faces, she knew something was up.

“What are you—”

Cal placed a finger over her lips. “Shh, Tabby cat. We have some things to say and don’t want you interrupting until we’re done. Okay?”

Tabby nodded her head.

Cal cleared his throat, looked at his brothers, and then back to her again. Was he nervous? When she looked at Fletch and Law, they looked kind of scared, too. What are they nervous about? Do they want me to leave and don’t know how to ask me to go? Oh God, please no!

“We have never been so scared than when we nearly lost you, Tabitha. My heart nearly stopped beating at the same moment yours did. I don’t want to ever have to go through something like that again.”

Tabby nodded again but kept her mouth shut. She wasn’t sure where Cal was going and didn’t want to say anything until he’d said what he wanted to say.

“The moment I saw you curled up on the floor at the clinic in Frenda, Algeria, I knew you were special,” Law said and glanced at Fletcher.

Fletcher placed his hands on her knees and rubbed them up and down her legs, and even though she no longer had stitches, he made sure his hand didn’t go anywhere near her scar.

“I couldn’t bear to live without you by my side, love. My life wouldn’t be worth living.”

Did he just say what I think he said? Are these three hunky, handsome, muscular men trying to tell me that they care for me?

Cal cleared his throat again, bringing her gaze back to him. He removed his arm from around her shoulders and then slid to his knee before her.

He placed his hand over the top of hers, and she felt the heat of his and Law’s touch searing into her skin. Having her hand sandwiched between the two of theirs sent all sorts of erotic images slamming into her brain. Her breathing escalated. Her breasts swelled and her areolas ruched while her nipples hardened. Moisture formed between her legs and her pussy clenched, releasing cream onto her swelling labial lips as her clit began to throb along with the rapid beat of her heart.

“Tabby cat, what we’re trying to say is that we love you and want you to be with us always.” Cal looked at Fletcher and then Law before meeting her gaze again.

Law rubbed her thigh to draw her attention. “We’ve been waiting for you for what seems like forever, baby.”

“And now that you’re here with us, we don’t want to let you go,” Fletch said.

Tabby swallowed audibly. Her throat was so constricted with emotion she could barely breathe, let alone form any words. Her heart was so full it was near to bursting. The love she felt for these three men consumed her mind, body, and soul.

“Tabitha Carey, will you marry us?” Cal, Law, and Fletcher asked at the same time.

Tabby couldn’t contain her sob of emotion or her tears of joy. They ran freely from her eyes, and she was shaking she was so happy. She’d never felt such elation or love, and now that she knew that they loved her in return, she didn’t have to hide how she felt anymore. She tilted her head back and drew in a deep, ragged breath as she tried to get herself back under control. When she thought she may just be able to speak coherently, she lowered her head and looked at each of her men.

She couldn’t believe how tensely they held themselves. Their jaws were clenched, and she could see the muscles in the sides of their faces flexing as they ground their teeth together. Their faces looked so tight, and when she looked into each of their gazes, she could see the uncertainty in their depths as they awaited her answer.

Finally she let the smile she had been holding back form on her lips and gave free reign to the wonderful, euphoric emotions whirring inside her.

“I love you all so much. I would be honored to marry you all.”

“Thank God,” Cal muttered, and then he released her hand. He shoved his brothers aside, hooked an arm around her hips, and pulled her from the sofa and onto his lap. His arms enveloped her, and he pulled her flush against his big body.