Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(45)

By: Becca Van

He stared into the brown, soulless eyes of the smaller man before him and loosened his limbs as the fucker smiled at him. He could hear a barrage of shots in the distance and knew the Marines had arrived and were helping his team members take the other bastards down.

The man holding the gun to his head smiled wider, and that’s when Cal realized he was looking into the eyes of Billy Kimura.

“You lose, asshole.”

Cal didn’t bother answering. He gave the fucker his coldest smile and called on all his enhanced abilities. With lightning fast reflexes, Cal moved his arms up, pushed the barrel of the gun away from his head, and twisted.

Cal flipped the rifle end over and pointed the gun at Kobayashi Inoue.

“I think you’re the loser, Kobayashi,” Cal said and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

Kobayashi leapt forward, and Cal flung the empty rifle aside. This is what he wanted. To take one of them out using hand-to-hand combat. Kobayashi was nearly as big as Cal, but he didn’t have his strength, speed or stamina. He let Kobayashi come at him and blocked blow after blow, using his arms and legs in defense of the kicks and punches.

Cal was toying with the fucker, but the bastard had no clue. He ducked and feinted, and when Kobayashi started to tire, Cal gave him a cold smile and started fighting back. He didn’t hold back when he let fly. He put all his strength into his kicks and punches and relished every scream and grunt that came out of the fucker’s mouth. When Kobayashi fell to the ground, Cal stepped back and looked him over. He’d broken both the bastard’s arms, as well as his legs, and from the looks of his jaw, that was broken, too. Cal wanted to step up to him and grab his head in his hands and snap his neck, but then the bastard wouldn’t have to suffer.

He was just about to turn away when he saw the fucker move his broken arm. Kobayashi grunted with pain but kept moving until he reached his belt. Cal saw the knife but let him pull it from the sheath and away from his body. Kobayashi tried to lift his arm, Cal suspected to throw it at him, but his arm flopped back to the ground.

Cal gave a bark of cold laughter, bent down, and slowly drew one of the knives from his boot. He flipped it over and caught the handle and then flung it at him. Kobayashi screamed and writhed in pain. Cal’s aim had been true. His knife landed in exactly the same spot that Tabby had been shot. He walked over, placed his booted foot on the fucker’s thigh, and pulled the blade out. Blood spurted and Cal jumped back. It looked like he’d done a better job than they had. Cal knew by the way Kobayashi’s blood was pouring out of his thigh that he’d done more than just nicking an artery. He’d probably severed it.

He wiped his blade on Kobayashi’s jeans and walked away, knowing that he would be dead within minutes, then went to find Fletcher.

Fletch took out three men with his 9mm Glock and silencer and then ducked back behind the tree. Bullets whizzed past his hiding spot, and the gunfire got louder and louder. The assholes were getting closer, and if he didn’t do something he was going to end up getting shot. He dropped to his belly and shot the fourth bastard just as he rounded the tree.

He sprang to his feet, spun around, and grabbed the barrel of the rifle just before it was aimed at his head. Fletch snatched the rifle from the prick’s hands and flung it away. He ducked as a punch flew at his face and kicked a leg out, sweeping the asshole’s legs out from beneath him. The perp was a big guy and went down hard. Fletch saw his hand reach for his boot and draw a knife out as he got back on his feet.

He stood back with his arms crossed over his chest and portrayed a boredom he was far from feeling. The bastard took a step toward him, and Fletch lowered his arms and made a “come and get me” motion with his hand. When the prick lunged, Fletch sidestepped then kicked him in the ass. The fucker stumbled forward and, when he’d regained his balance, turned to face him. Pure hatred radiated from the asshole’s eyes, and Fletch smiled coldly.

When he came charging at him, Fletch raised his fist at the last moment and heard a sickening crunch when the fucker’s nose met his hand. He went down like a sack of spuds, twitched a few times, and then laid still. His eyes were wide open and he was staring sightlessly at the sky.