Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(44)

By: Becca Van

“Let me take your vitals and check your wound.”

Tabby opened her eyes and was happy that she could see again. She held still while Dalton listened to her heart and checked her temperature, and blood pressure. After he’d finished doing that, he lifted the blanket away from her thigh and removed the bandage and gauze. She wanted to see her leg but couldn’t get up the energy to move.

“The stitches are good, and there’s no sign of infection. You’ll need to rest a lot and drink plenty of fluids, but you should start to feel a little more energetic in about a week.”

“Why am I so tired, and why does my chest hurt?”

“You lost a lot of blood, Tabby. You also flat lined on the table. I had to use the defibrillator to kick start your heart again.”

“You did?”

“Yeah. It was touch and go there for a while, young lady, so you do everything I tell you to speed you on the road to recovery.”

“Okay,” Tabby answered. “Thank you.”

“Your men helped me keep you alive, too, and don’t thank me. I was just doing my job.”

Tabby smiled at Dalton and then turned to face Law. She squeezed his hand as her eyes began to drift closed again.

“Thank you for saving my life.”

Cal heard the helicopter long before it came into sight. He and Fletcher were making their way around the ranch and taking out men one by one. Between the two of them, they had already taken out five men. Those fuckers hadn’t known what hit them. He and his brother had managed to sneak up on them and break their necks with a quick twist before they had even taken another breath.

The other members of the team kept in contact by sending them mental pictures every time another of the assholes hit the ground. He and Law were on a mission. He felt no guilt with each man he took down and knew he wouldn’t feel any remorse after this was over. Every one of these bastards deserved everything they got. One of these pricks had hurt his woman, and she had nearly died. As far as Cal was concerned, none of them deserved to live. They had terrorized women, and God knew how many other women they had managed to kidnap and ship out of the country.

Cal and Fletcher had managed to get into the trees without getting their heads blown off after taking down the assholes behind the barn. He opened his shield and felt the evil intent of the men still hiding in the bushes. Fletcher nodded at him to let him know that he could feel their emotions, too, so they separated and moved through the thick vegetation and large trees without making a sound. They had no idea how many of the assholes were hiding out here, but they were about to find out.

Cal stopped behind a thick tree trunk and squatted close to the ground. He took a peek and saw another five fuckers hiding in amongst and behind trees, and all their backs were turned toward him. He flashed a picture to Fletcher’s mind and received one back from his brother. Fletch was about a hundred yards to his left. He had five different assholes in his sight. He looked down at the grenades clipped to his belt and knew if he lobbed one toward the middle of the bastards that a couple would die and the others would get some serious injuries, but that would be too easy.

He was still full of rage that they had hurt Tabby, but taking them out one by one wasn’t an option either. What to do? He could use the pistol that had the silencer on it and take out two before the others even turned around, but then he would have three guns pointing and firing in his direction. But he needed to purge the fury from his system before he faced his Tabby cat again.

He sent another image to Fletch and got the same image back. It seemed his brother was in total agreement. Cal removed the Glock with the silencer on it from his back and pointed to the asshole furthest away from him. He aimed at the fucker’s head and fired. Before the bastard even hit the ground, he aimed and fired at the next guy.

Just as he ducked back behind the tree trunk, rapid gunfire erupted. Bits of bark and wood flew past his body, and he dropped to the ground on his belly and shimmied his way around the trunk until he could see the other crims.

Shit! They were closer than he expected them to be, and he knew they had to have been running in his direction. Cal shot two more and watched dispassionately as they fell to the ground dead. Just as he sprang to his feet, the barrel of an automatic rifle pushed into the side of his head.