Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(4)

By: Becca Van

A rapid staccato of gunfire sounded loud in the quiet hours of the night. She tried to straighten up so she could see more, but Max must have been looking at her. “Get down flat on the floor, Tabby. If any bullets penetrate the building, you don’t want to be a target.”

Tabby slid down until she was lying on her side on the timber floor and curled up into a tight ball. She hadn’t even thought about a stray bullet coming through the wooden structure of the building and was glad that Max was still thinking straight after everything he had been through.

The gunfire got closer and louder, and even though she wanted to see what was going on, she was too scared and squeezed her eyes shut tight. She heard more guns being fired and then thumps as the insurgents bodies landed on the floor. She didn’t want to look to see if they were dead. Her whole body was shaking, and if she’d had enough water in her system, she would have lost control of her bladder and made a real fool of herself.

All of a sudden, the lights were switched on and she automatically opened her eyes and blinked a few times. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Three very tall, very muscular men wearing American Military camouflage fatigues came striding into the room toward her, Max, and Gloria. Behind them were other soldiers dressed in the Navy SEAL uniform. The SEALs looked over the fallen rebels and then dragged them out of the room.

“Are you okay, ma’am?”

Tabby swallowed when she looked into the cold gray eyes of the American soldier and then nodded.

“Are you injured?”

“No,” Tabby croaked, and when he reached for her she couldn’t help but flinch. “Sorry.”

“No need to apologize. You’ve been in a bad situation and it’s only natural to be wary. My name is Calbert Garton, but you can call me Cal. Are you Tabitha Carey?”

“Yes.” Tabby couldn’t help the groan that escaped when he clasped her upper arms in his hands and helped her to sit up. “But you can call me Tabby.”

“Tabby, huh?” Cal smiled. That smile took away all the coldness and made him seem almost affectionate, and so damn handsome. If she’d been in a normal situation she might have creamed her panties. He leaned her face forward into his chest and looked over her shoulder. “That suits you. You were all curled up like a kitten when we first came in.”

“Max told us to make ourselves as small as possible so we wouldn’t get hit by any stray bullets.”

“Max is a smart man.” Cal glanced over to where Max and Gloria had been sitting. Tabby looked that way, too, and started to panic when she saw they were gone. She pulled back from Cal and peeked around his bulky body just in time to see the Navy SEAL guys leading Gloria and helping to carry Max out.

She turned her head when the two men similarly dressed to Cal came close and squatted down beside her. These two men had removed the restraints from Max and Gloria and helped them over to the other soldiers. Even though they weren’t identical, Tabby could tell by their features that they had to be related to Cal. His words a few seconds later proved that she was correct.

“Tabby cat, these are my brothers, Lawford and Fletcher.”

“Let me guess.” Tabby smiled at the two men. “I’m to call you Law and Fletch.”

“Not just beautiful but smart, too.” Law winked at her.

Her heart stuttered in her chest and her breath hitched in her throat as she stared into his dark blue eyes. When she glanced at Fletch, she noticed his eyes were a lighter blue.

“Let me get your hands free.” Law moved until he was behind her, and she sighed and then whimpered with pain as her wrists were released. Her arms fell uselessly to her sides, and then the serious pain began. Her hands still felt numb, but it also felt like there were thousands of needles pricking into her skin as the blood began to flow back into her appendages. Her shoulders were screaming with agony and she sighed as Law and Fletch began to massage her joints.

None of the men hurried her. They patiently waited for her to start moving by herself before they removed their hands from her body. Tabby wanted to tell them to put their hands back on her, but she bit her lip instead.

“Are you ready to go?” Cal asked. “We need to get out of here in case there are more rebels coming in to help.”