Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(2)

By: Becca Van

Cal nudged his horse and helped drive the cattle toward the corrals near the barn, glancing over to see his brothers were both shifting restlessly in their saddles, too. He was close to his brothers, and they nearly always knew what the other was thinking. They had lived and fought together and knew each other nearly as well as they knew themselves. He could see that his brothers wanted this sex slave shit to be over, too. Even though they had grown up on a ranch and loved working with the animals and being out on the land in the fresh air, none of them would be able to concentrate properly until their mission was over.

Fletch moved his horse closer to his, stopping a cow from breaking from the heard, and then stayed closer to his side. He glanced to his left and saw that Law was moving closer, too.

“Has Whit heard anything from Tony yet?” Fletch asked.


“Damn it all to fucking hell. I want to end this crap,” Law snapped.

“We all do, Law. You just have to be patient.”

“Yeah, like you are?” Law barked out a laugh that held no humor. “You’re more antsy than the both of us put together.”

“Fuck you,” Cal snarled and flipped his brother off.

“I just need some action. We’ve been living on adrenaline for the last three months waiting for something to happen. We know it’s coming. I can practically taste the danger in their air,” Fletch said.

“Yeah.” Cal sighed and was glad when all the cattle went into the corral without baulking and one of the ranch hands closed the gate. He and his brothers would probably have gone a little insane if they didn’t have the ranch work to keep them occupied. There wasn’t really any necessity for him and his brothers to work the animals or the land because they had good, reliable ranch hands, but the work was keeping them sane. The other men had their women to help keep them calm and occupied, as well as their work trying to find the Japanese underworld crims, but Cal and his brothers needed to keep themselves busy more. They didn’t have a woman with a soft touch or the bliss to be found in her sweet body.

He’d seen how happy and content his teammates were and how much in love they were with their women. Just a touch to the arm seemed to be enough to relieve the stress all the teammates were under. What he wouldn’t give to have a sweet-smelling woman to love and cuddle up to.

Just as he dismounted his horse, Cal’s cell phone vibrated. He handed the reins of his mount over to the ranch hand then pulled his cell from the clip on his belt and saw that Whit had called a meeting. He glanced at his brothers and saw them both reaching for their cells after they dismounted. None of them spoke as they headed to the main house and the big meeting room.

The other nine members of the team were already seated around the large conference table and looked up when Cal and his brothers entered. From the serious expression on his team leaders’ faces, something was going down. Cal’s heart started racing, and he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He called on his military training and pushed all his emotions down deep, becoming the cold, hard warrior he’d learned to be. He glanced toward his brothers as he sat down and saw that their eyes had turned ice-cold and their expressions stoic and wondered if he looked like they did. He gave a mental shrug. It didn’t matter what he looked like. The only thing that mattered was getting the job done. Whatever that may be.

“You’ve heard from Tony?” Cal asked.

“Yes, but not about what we were hoping for,” Dalton replied and then looked to Whit.

“There’s a situation in Africa. Algeria, Frenda to be exact,” Whit said.

“So this has nothing to do with the sex slave ring?” Law asked and relaxed back into his seat.

“No,” Hayward replied.

“What’s up?” Fletch asked.

“Three US aid workers have been kidnapped and are being held for ransom in Frenda by some rebels. Tony wants us to go in and get them out, but he’s asked that only one team unit do so. He knows that we’re vulnerable until we’ve taken out the Japanese underworld assholes.”

“We’ll do it,” Cal said without looking at his brothers. This was just what they needed, to get in amongst the action for a bit. Sitting around doing nothing for another couple of weeks may just send him over the edge. He gave a mental snort. He was too damn much of a control freak for anything like that to happen, and his brothers were just as bad.