Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(13)

By: Becca Van

“No,” Cal snapped and then sighed when she flinched. “Sorry, Tabby cat, I didn’t mean to snap at you, but there is no way in hell you’re walking. You don’t have any shoes on and I don’t want you cutting or hurting your feet.”

Just as Cal finished speaking she saw the truck lights, and then Law stopped the vehicle right next to them. Fletch opened the back door and stepped back for Cal. Cal didn’t even let her go as she had expected him to. Instead he stepped up into the truck, taking her with him and maneuvering so that none of her body touched the door or the truck frame as he got in, and then he sat down and placed her on the seat beside him.

Fletch got into the front passenger seat and Cal secured her seatbelt.

“We can’t take you back home, Tabitha. You’re coming home with us, kitten,” Cal said.

“What? Why?” she asked in a shaky voice and shivered.

Cal reached into a hidden compartment she hadn’t realized was there, and after securing all three rifles, he pulled a blanket out and covered her with it then put his arm around her shoulders and drew her into his side.

Tabby listened as Cal, Fletch, and Law began to explain about the Japanese underworld criminals and how they had been taking women from the streets of America just because they had certain genes and characteristics. The more the three men explained, the more horrified she became until she was shaking again as she imagined what would have happened to her if the men hadn’t found her. Then she frowned because the sheriff had said that the only person who had witnessed her abduction was the cleaner from the hospital, and they hadn’t even seen the vehicle or license plate of the car she had been taken away in.

“How did you find me? Were you following those men, and if you were, why did it take you so long to come into the house and get me out?” Tabby asked and moved back so she could see Cal’s face.

He glanced at his brothers, and she turned just in time to see Law looking in the rearview mirror and he nodded. Fletch was turned in his seat and he also gave Cal a nod.

Cal cleared his throat, and she looked back up to meet his gaze. He swallowed audibly as if he was nervous then drew a deep breath before he exhaled slowly.

“We served in the Marines for five years, kitten, and we had a very high success rate on completing our missions. We were in a team of twelve men and we used to rotate and go out on our missions, six at a time, and called the other six in for backup if necessary.

“Anyway, our time was up and we were due to either re-sign or retire. A couple of weeks before that was to happen, our team was approached by one of the higher-ups in the military and government. They asked us if we would be willing to volunteer for an experiment which had proven successful once before.”

“What sort of experiment?” Tabby asked.

“I’ll get to that in a second, kitten. After we asked all the questions we needed answers for, all twelve members of our team agreed to go through this experiment.” Cal paused and looked toward the front and Fletcher. She looked over at Fletcher and met his eyes when he started speaking.

“We were injected with a lot of drugs we can’t even pronounce the name of.” Fletch glanced at Law and then back to her. “By the time we finished having those drugs injected into our system, we were much stronger and faster than the average human male, plus all our senses were more enhanced. We have very good hearing and eyesight, and our sense of smell is apparently nearly as good as a wolf’s. We can jump nearly twelve feet high without any help from equipment, and we now also have empathetic skills.”

“Oh. My. God,” Tabby whispered but knew they had heard her. Law looked at her in the mirror and then back at the road.

“We can send each other pictures with our minds, and we can feel the emotions of others when we lower our mental shields,” Law said and glanced at her again.

Cal reached over and pushed her chin up. Tabby hadn’t realized her mouth was gaping until then and snapped her teeth together with an audible click. She couldn’t believe what they had just told her. It was like something out of a sci-fi movie, but she didn’t think they were lying. Their words had rung true, but she still didn’t have an answer to her question.