Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)(10)

By: Becca Van

“I can…”

“No,” Law snapped. “We can’t afford to lose that link with Tabby. We’ll reconnoiter and make sure this is the right place first.”

Fletch sighed and nodded his head. He knew his brothers were right. If he went with them, he’d have to release Tabby’s keys so he could see what he was doing. Although he knew his brothers wouldn’t let him run into anything, if this was the place Tabby was being held and Fletch stood on a branch he could give them away to Tabby’s kidnappers. Plus he was scared that he wouldn’t be able to feel her again if he lost the connection with her. He’d heard the other team members had experienced a connection with their women but he’d never felt anything like this before and didn’t trust himself to find it again if it was broken.

The waiting was really hard, but he liked being connected to Tabitha. He shivered with cold and knew that he wasn’t the one feeling it, but that wasn’t the only emotion he felt. The fear was nearly overwhelming, and then he felt vulnerable and sick to his stomach. He had to swallow a couple of times so he wouldn’t vomit. The whole time he felt Tabby’s emotions, he was chanting in his head to his brothers. Hurry up. Hurry up. Hurry up.

The driver’s door to the truck opened and Cal spoke. “This is it. Law skirted around back and peeked in all the bedroom windows. Tabby is tied to a bed in her underwear and she has a hood over her head. There are only two men in there and they have weapons. One of the men was standing over her looking at her body.”

Fletch put Tabby’s keys in his pocket and released them. He sighed with relief when his eyesight came back and had to blink a few times to adjust to the light. The sun was going down and they only had about an hour of light left. They needed to move, and it had to be now.

“Did you do a heat signature scan with your phone?” Fletch asked as he got out of the truck and then grabbed his automatic rifle from the secured compartment in the floor in the back. He placed his weapon on the seat and then reached in for his brothers’ automatic rifles and handed them over.

“Yes.” Cal checked the clip on his rifle and then slammed it back into place. “There were only three signatures. Two were in one room and the other one was at the front of the house.”

“Let’s go and get our woman.” Law took point and started off down the road.

None of them spoke as they jogged down to the last house at the end of the street. Law hurried out back, while Fletch and Cal ducked beneath windows and up to the front door. He had lowered his mental shield—all the Elite Dragoons team members had the ability to connect to each other and were able to push emotions and pictures to communicate with their empathetic skills—and felt everything his brothers did and was never more thankful for their enhanced skills. Being connected to his brothers like this made their missions so much easier.

Cal sent a go signal to Law using his mind, which Fletch felt, too, and then his brother kicked the front door in. The man in the front room who was watching the TV yelled and turned toward Cal and Fletch at the same time. Fletch saw his arm move and knew he was reaching for a weapon. He palmed his pistol quickly using his enhanced abilities and shot the asshole in the shoulder. The man screamed in pain, and Cal rushed forward, jumped over the sofa, and had the fucker on the floor with his arms behind his back and secured in handcuffs before the guy could draw another breath. The sound of glass breaking drew Fletch’s gaze toward the hall, and he was just in time to see the other asshole point his weapon at Cal. He raised his gun and fired. A simultaneous report echoed with his, and he knew that Law had shot the bastard, too. The assailant dropped to the floor face-first and didn’t move again.

Law disappeared back down the hall, and Fletch knew he had gone to help Tabby. He wanted to go and see her, too, but he had a job to do first.

He pulled his cell from his pocket and called the sheriff.

Chapter Three

Tabby heard more gunshots, and she was so scared and shaking so much she couldn’t think straight. The window above her had been broken from the outside and she had expected to be cut as glass rained down on her, but none of the glass had even touched her skin.