Tabby's Rescuers (Elite Dragoons #4)

By: Becca Van

Elite Dragoons 4: Tabby’s Rescuers

Tabitha “Tabby” Carey is rescued by Calbert, Fletcher, and Lawford Garton from a clinic in Frenda, Algeria, in Africa and is drawn to their handsome faces and muscular bodies. But after they get her onboard the US aircraft carrier, they head out to God knows where, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever see them again.

Cal, Fletch, and Law volunteer to rescue a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman who has been abducted from the streets of Miles City, Montana, and are delightfully surprised when they realize they are rescuing their Tabby.

After Tabby recuperates from her ordeal, the Garton brothers tell her they want a relationship with her and she agrees. But the whole Elite Dragoons team is in danger. They are under siege from the Japanese Underworld criminals and can’t take the bastards down until they get the go-ahead from their CO. Will the order come in time, or will it be too late?

Chapter One

Calbert Garton couldn’t get the image of that Japanese underworld criminal, Billy Kimura, shooting Yvonne Butters in the head, out of his own. He and his brothers, Fletcher and Lawford, as well as the rest of the team members of the Elite Dragoons, had witnessed a lot of violence and death as they served their country, but to see a woman shot in the head made his gut churn. What made him even angrier was that Yvonne had been sent to infiltrate their ranch and find out where they were hiding. It seemed that when the chips were down and Billy Kimura had been in danger of being caught, he hadn’t had a qualm about sacrificing the so-called love of his life. Obviously the guy had been using Yvonne, and as much as he knew she deserved to be incarcerated for her criminal activities, he wouldn’t have wished her dead. He hated any sort of violence against women, but after finding out what Yvonne had done, he’d wished he could have saved her so she could do her time in jail.

It had broken Prudence Peter’s heart to learn that her so-called best friend had only befriended her because she had the blonde-haired, blue-eyed characteristics that Yvonne and her cohorts were looking for. Prue, Sara-Jane Cantor, and Nicole Maynard had all been kidnapped by those assholes, and if it hadn’t been for the Elite Dragoons and their empathetic abilities, God knew what would have happened to those three women. The Japanese underworld criminals had been kidnapping the fair-haired women from the streets of America to fulfill orders for their clients, and those three women would have all ended up as sex slaves in another country.

What filled Cal with fury was the way Prue had suffered and was still suffering. Every now and again, he would see her staring off into space and tears would come into her eyes. She looked so goddamn sad, but she had her fiancés’ to help her through her grief and the emotions plaguing her. She was engaged to Thorpe, Adam, and Huntley Lathan, other members of their team. In fact, all the women they had rescued were now in ménage relationships with his team members.

Cal and his brothers wanted a relationship like that with a special woman, too, but he couldn’t see that happening anytime soon. It had been nearly three months since the day Yvonne and Billy had tried to kidnap Prue right out from under their noses, and there had been no more alerts or reports to police anywhere in the US of blonde-haired, blue-eyed women being kidnapped or going missing. He had a feeling they hadn’t seen or heard the last from the Japanese underworld criminals, but it looked like they were lying low for now. Or they were planning.

Billy Kimura had managed to escape that day, and every team member of the Elite Dragoons knew that they were vulnerable. Billy was an alias and none of them knew what the asshole’s real name was, but that fucker knew where their ranch was, and Cal felt like they were sitting ducks. If another woman was reported missing, there was no way in hell the whole team was going to leave the ranch to try and find her. They couldn’t leave any of the women alone because it was just too fucking dangerous.

Their CO, Tony Sullivan, had greased the palm of a reporter in Japan with some American greenback and was waiting on some information. Aguri Akashi was digging deep into the Japanese Diet, the government, to find evidence on some corrupt politician or politicians. Cal had a feeling that if Aguri managed to get what they needed, then the Elite Dragoons would bust this sex slave ring wide open. But it was hard sitting on his hands. He and his brothers were used to being in the thick of things, and he was getting restless. Cal wanted to be able to end this shit so he could settle down. He’d been living on pins for the past few months, and only a good battle with those fuckers would settle him down. Once they had brought these assholes down, he and the team could move on with their lives.