Sunset Embrace(144)

By: Sandra Brown

They worked past dark to complete the job. The Pritchards, who had come to Jefferson from Mississippi, were anxious to be on their way after a six-week delay due to the demand for goods and the drain on the ready supply. Mrs. Pritchard and the children—five boys, the man had proudly boasted as he admired Lee—were in town buying up what they could to supplement the items Ross was selling them.

At last, after two hours of hard work, he was waving them good-bye. Ross had advised him on how to team the horses and had personally said good-bye to each of them. They almost seemed reluctant to go, but obeyed Mr. Pritchards commands as he drove them away. He waved and wished them good luck as he drove off with the wagon, with the team, the spare wheel, two water barrels, trail equipme