Summer of Dreams(9)

By: Lydia Rose

“Yes.” This time Riley’s mouth found hers as she reached her hand behind Kristen’s neck and pulled her body close.

As their kisses deepened, tongues began a dance in their mouths. Riley slid her body down onto the cushion pulling Kristen’s body prone. Her hands were now moving along her back as their cores became one.

Breaking away, Kristen said, “I could kiss you like that all night.”

“Me too,” Riley answered. Her face was flushed and her chest moved up and down quickly with her arousal surging.

“Take me to bed, Riley,” Kristen said giving her one more kiss.

Riley slid out from under her and shut the television off before reaching out her hand to Kristen. Climbing the stairs together, they kissed often before they reached the bedroom door. The two women were not shy in removing their clothes since this was not the first time they had made love. It had been a long time, but it did not slow them down in their efforts to get naked.

“Come here,” Riley said whispering as she pulled Kristen against her body. Her lips went to the soft spot just below her ear. “Your skin is just as I remember.”

“I remember what you used to do to my body, Riley.” Her words were soft and slow.

Before either woman could speak again, they found themselves on the bed. Kissing became touches as hands caressed skin and folds. Each woman fought for domination, but eventually Kristen gave in to the swirling of Riley’s tongue. Her body was played perfectly and before drifting off to sleep in exhaustion, she whispered, “So good.”


Riley rolled over and felt the other side of the bed. She found it cold and empty. It didn’t surprise her that Kristen had slipped out of bed early. The light knock on the closed door made her jump. “Come in, Mom,” she said through the door.

“Morning, dear. I left you a buttered bagel downstairs and fresh coffee. Take your time.”

“Thanks, Mom,” she called out and watched as her mother paused.

Ava’s smile widened. “Looks like I was right about leaving you alone last night,” she said, not missing Riley’s nakedness.

All Riley could do was let out a groan as her mother laughed all the way down the stairs.

Riley was walking toward the office when she spotted Kristen going into the bathhouse. She followed quickly hoping the room was empty. “Morning,” she called as she saw her by the sinks.

Kristen looked at her through the mirror. “Morning, sweetie. Did you sleep well?”

“Like a baby,” Riley answered grinning.

Kristen now turned and faced her. “Riley, are you going to be okay with me leaving Wednesday morning?”

“Are you afraid I’m going to fall in love with you? Trust me when I say that we’re both big girls and know exactly what this is.” She came over to Kristen and kissed her mouth softly. “I’m having fun and let’s just have fun together.”

Kristen smiled at her answer. “Will I see you later?”

“Of course.” Riley stole one more kiss and left her alone, whistling as she walked toward the office.

Her mother looked up as she entered the building. “I’m happy to see a real smile on your face.” Riley didn’t comment as she took her seat. “I’m just worried that you may get attached and then Kristen leaves again.”

“Why is everyone worried about me getting attached? I know she’s leaving Wednesday morning. That she has her own life to lead. This is nothing more than two people enjoying themselves.”

“Do you want me to spend another night at Olivia’s place?”

“No, Mom.”

“Are you sure, Riley? I don’t mind,” Ava insisted.

Riley stood up. “I’m sure, Mom.” She turned toward the doorway. “The truck just pulled up with the tables and chairs. I’m going to make sure everything is set up properly.” She walked over to the two men who were setting up tables and chairs. “Good morning.”

“Hey, Riley. Is this where you want everything set up?”

“Yes, thank you.” She watched as Pete Quinn moved two barbecues over to the area. “Any problems this morning?” she asked as she approached Pete.