Summer of Dreams(53)

By: Lydia Rose

“I think it’s more of my dream, honey. I fell for a perceived straight woman and she chose to love me.” Her lips captured her softly not caring who was watching.

“Then I guess we both are having the same dream.” Shelby held Riley close and now saw Ken hurrying toward Ava. She turned Riley so she could watch. Ken rushed to Ava and took her into his arms and kissed her deeply. “I think your mom and Ken are in this same dream, Riley.” Her head nodded in agreement. “I love you, baby. Happy Anniversary.”

“I love you too Shelby, always and this is the best anniversary yet.”

Shelby laughed. “I hope our anniversaries get better and better with age.”

“Forever, love.” They kissed again before their eyes drifted to the crowd in front of them. This was where Riley belonged and she was so happy that she found someone who felt the same way.

Someone clinked a glass. “To the two happy couples. May they live in happiness the rest of their lives. Happy Anniversary.”

“Hear, hear,” everyone called out and drank to the toast.